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The Top Five Ways To Become A Morning Person

Becoming a morning person can benefit your life in a variety of ways. With busy schedules that offer no time to recharge, it can be hard to find the motivation to wake up earlier and be happy doing it. Here are the top five ways to become a morning person! 

1. Have A Strict Bedtime

Having a strict bedtime is the simplest step that one can take if they are not naturally a morning person. It is no secret that getting enough sleep will make you somewhat happier in the morning. Creating this strict bedtime and sticking to it will ensure that you are getting enough sleep.

Getting an inadequate amount of sleep at night causes negative impacts on your emotional well-being and disrupts the regulation of good emotions. It is known that sleep deprivation can cause negative emotions such as irritability and frustration. 

It is suggested that an adult should have seven to nine hours of sleep each night. This will prevent sleep deprevation. The positive impact of sticking to these seven to eight hours is a decrease in stress and a boost of energy!

To put it simply, a proper amount of sleep results in a greater chance of being in a good mood in the morning. Once you have woken up, you will be ready to tackle the day!

2. Plan A Morning Workout

A morning workout is linked to higher energy levels. If you struggle with fatigue in the morning, getting moving and finding a morning workout that works best for you and your lifestyle may be the way to go! 

In addition to the higher energy levels, having a morning plan to work out may help you find motivation! Some may struggle with motivation to be a morning person because they don’t have plans that encourage them to start their morning early. A morning workout is a good plan for motivation!

There are many different ways that you can plan a morning workout. This can be as simple as exercising in your neighborhood. Wake up and go for a walk or run! This is a great way to boost your mood and start your day right!

Another option for an at-home morning workout is using a fitness app. There are tons of fitness apps whose main purpose is to help you stay active in your own home! Many of these apps have instructors that encourage and guide you through the workouts.

If you are more of a person that needs to go somewhere to work out, go to your local gym. If you’re feeling more ambitious, sign up for a morning boot camp or morning pilates. All of these examples will require you to keep yourself accountable and get out of the house in the morning!

3. Have A Nutritious Breakfast

It’s commonly known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With that being said, eating a nutritious breakfast will help you become a morning person due to the positive impacts that it has on your mood. 

Having a nutritious breakfast is linked to improvement in cognitive functions. Concentration, memory, and decision-making will become easier and more effective after eating. As a result of these improvements, you are less likely to be drowsy and experience brain fog. 

Scientifically, it is essential that you consume enough glucose. This is important because low glucose can contribute to negative emotions. Irritability, anxiety, and the so-called morning grumpy can all be the results of not eating. 

When striving to have more nutritious breakfasts in the morning, there are tons of recipes out there that can help you get creative. A delicious new breakfast trend is overnight oats. 

Ingredients such as yogurt, chia seeds, almond milk, nuts, honey, and a variety of different fruits are some things that you can add to the oats. Another plus of this breakfast trend is that there is no cook time required.

Once prepared, the overnight oats can be stored in a refrigerator and will be ready to eat in the morning. This makes overnight oats the perfect nutritious breakfast to incorporate into your morning schedule!

4. Get Some Natural Light

Once you wake up in the morning, get on your feet and go open your window blinds! Although this seems so simple, getting natural light can put you in a better mood and help start your day!

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Getting natural sunlight increases your levels of serotonin. Serotonin is commonly called the happy hormone. Natural sunlight is effective because serotonin is the mediator of many positive emotions that the brain processes. Feelings such as happiness, optimism, and a sense of calm are linked to this happy hormone.

If your bedroom doesn’t give access to natural light through a window, there are some alternatives. Many alarm clocks, like the Sunrise Alarm Clock, can be purchased and work to give you some of the same benefits as natural sunlight. This type of product is primarily used to encourage your body to smoothly wake up and start producing serotonin to boost your mood. 

5. Take It Slow

Taking it slow is an important reminder when becoming a morning person seems difficult. The main point of advice here is to not feel the pressure!

It isn’t recommended to change your entire morning routine all at once. If you try this, it may cause you to become irritable and want to give up early on!

If your lifestyle allows it, give yourself some time to adjust to a new morning schedule. All of the tips listed above are supposed to help you, not hinder you. 

When trying to become a morning person, start with choosing one simple routine that you think would work for you. It isn’t going to help if you try to do something that you know won’t work for your lifestyle or that you won’t enjoy.

The first step is to obviously wake up earlier. Once you’ve done that, incorporate that one task that you think would help you become a morning person. Do what feels right and eventually, this morning routine will become natural for you and your life will be changed for the better!

Are you going to try any of these tips to become a morning person? Share your favorite below!

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