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The Top Five Coffee Shops Around The FSU Campus

The Top Five Coffee Shops Around The FSU Campus

The Top Five Coffee Shops Around The FSU Campus

If there is one thing that college students love doing more than anything, it’s sleep. But when hen they’re not sleeping, they’re doing the second thing college students love more than anything: drinking coffee. Dunkin Donuts is obviously a viable option and Starbucks is well, around. But when us FSU students want something different and better though, we go off-campus, most likely to one of these top five best coffee shops around Florida State University.

1. The Sweet Shop

Located right across the street from campus, The Sweet Shop is my personal favorite coffee shop near FSU. From the outside, it looks like it’d be a small, intimate bakery with minimal seating options. I think that’s one of the reasons I love it because when you actually walk inside, it’s the complete opposite. There are dozens of booths to get spread out in for studying and a few large wooden tables that are perfect for club meetings. The vibes instantly reminded me of a Diner from my home state of New Jersey: comfortable and homey.

Another awesome thing about The Sweet Shop is its menu. They have such a wide variety of different drinks, including smoothies, frappes, and lattes. And what’s most fun about ordering is that each drink has a unique name. I recommend the Cup of Heaven latte, which has chocolate and peanut butter flavorings.

On top of that, they serve breakfast (all day) and other food items, such as wraps and paninis.

There’s writing from FSU students covering every wooden surface, the atmosphere makes you feel like you’re at home, and there’s a corner with Checkers and a piano that people sometimes play. What more could you possibly want from your local coffee shop?

The Top Five Coffee Shops Around The FSU Campus

2. All Saints Cafe

All Saints Cafe is an eclectic coffee shop with a great selection of coffee drinks and Vegan dishes. Located less than a mile from the FSU campus, it’s a convenient stop for students to fuel up for the day. The coffee shop is open from 10am to 12am, which gives students plenty of time to hang out with their friends in a unique setting, and or write that essay they might have procrastinated for two weeks.

It’s also the perfect example of a “shabby chic” coffee shop. Practically every wooden dining set there is different from the next. None of the furniture is modern and that’s honestly apart of the appeal. It’s nice to hang out at a cafe that makes you feel like you’re sitting in the dining room at your home, rather than a uncomfortable, doctor’s office waiting room.

They have so many different flavored syrups for customers to try in their lattes, and my personal favorite is the peanut butter one!

The Top Five Coffee Shops Around The FSU Campus

3. Black Dog Cafe

Black Dog Cafe is one of the coffee shops nestled in the Railroad Art District, about two and a half miles from Florida State. They have a classic selection of coffee drinks, breakfast treats, and alcoholic drinks. I’d especially recommend trying the “Black Dog” frappe drink or the banana bread.  The inside of the cafe is somewhat similar to All Saints Cafe when it comes to the shop’s indie, “shabby-chic,” decorating style. The interior does not have a modern feel or theme. It’s definitely a comfortable setting to sit down and relax, but the real appeal is the outside patio. There is plenty of seating, so it’s the perfect place to enjoy your hot tea and chocolate croissant, meet up with someone you haven’t gotten to talk to in a while, listen to some live music put on by local artists, or socialize with new people.

Black Dog Cafe has a welcoming, open feel that will make you want to come back again and again.

The Top Five Coffee Shops Around The FSU Campus

4. Lucky Goat Coffee

This coffee shop has three locations in Tallahassee, but the closest one to the FSU campus (only 2 miles away) is the store in Midtown. What’s really impressive is how much they have grown since the beginning of their business. They started with just having one storefront, and over the years, they’ve become successful enough to own three full-fledged coffee shops that are loved by many.

Their prices are another reason why this is one of the best coffee shops near Florida State’s campus. I assumed they would be even more expensive than the typical, already kind of pricey coffee shops because of how popular Lucky Goat Coffee is, but I happily stand corrected. The prices are actually standard and for a lot of drinks, even less, than what other independent coffee shops, or Starbucks charge. This is especially good news for broke college students, who despite their brokenness, are in dire need of coffee to start their day.

The interior has a rustic, modern theme going on, but surprisingly the dark-colored furniture does not impede the natural brightness that enters the cafe. It’s modern, yet it still feels like a cozy place to sit down and study or hang out with friends.

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Although my go-to drinks are caramel macchiatos or lattes, I’d definitely recommend some of the cold brew options that they serve. The Tallycino is perfect for all my fellow sweet tooths out there and the Goat Bomb (don’t knock it ’til you try it) is really delicious too!

The Top Five Coffee Shops Around The FSU Campus

5. RedEye Coffee

Red Eye Coffee is a coffee shop that cares deeply about bettering the environment and their community. On their website, they make it clear that their “net-profits go to local and global humanitarian efforts” and that their coffee is always “Fair Trade, bird safe, shade grown and organic.” If saving the planet (in more ways than one) is something you’re passionate about, RedEye is the perfect place to buy your coffee drink from. It also helps that their menu has a variety of drinks, ranging from coffee beverages to specialty ones, such as their Caramel Macchiato. I’d also recommend getting a mocha or frappe!

The inside of the coffee shop is a large space with big windows lining the sides and front of the store. This allows the natural light to shine through, but the warm, lantern-esque lights scattered above the seating area also help out. The humble furniture and somewhat high ceilings make it a comfortable and inviting place, which makes it a perfect spot for students.

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BONUS: 6. Dunkin Donuts

Although it’s not an independent coffee shop, Dunkin Donuts is super close to the FSU campus. making it convenient for students to pop in real quick, get an Iced Caramel Craze Latte and then be on their way to class (yes, I’m speaking from experience). And they have doughnuts. Must I say more?

The Top Five Coffee Shops Around The FSU Campus

No matter which coffee shop you end up going to for your caffeine fix, I can confidently say you will not be disappointed! Let me know in the comments below if there are any other coffee shops I missed on this list!

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