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The Top 15 Cinco De Mayo Bar Crawls In the USA

The Top 15 Cinco De Mayo Bar Crawls In the USA

The Top 15 Cinco De Mayo Bar Crawls In the USA

Nothing’s better than a good bar crawl. It’s a great way to have fun with friends and create awesome memories that will last you a lifetime. Also, the fact that an event like a Cinco De Mayo bar crawl can lead you to new cities that you might have never thought to explore on your own is amazing in itself too. So, get ready to have pictures for Instagram taken, tacos eaten, and some margaritas downed because this list details some of the best Cinco de Mayo bar crawls taking place in 2020.

1. “Bar Crawl de Mayo” Chicago, IL:

Bar Crawl de Mayo in Chicago’s River North neighborhood sounds like a fun bar crawl that will be sure to gain some envy from friends and family who didn’t accompany you to this fun event. Plus you’re given the most swag I think I’ve ever seen from a bar crawl including a T-shirt, brunch, and three gift cards you’ll be able to use on the crawl. There are also giveaways and extra drink specials throughout the day in case you needed another thing to look forward to. This amazing bar crawl package also includes a pre-party and an after-party with even more drink specials at certain times.

2. “Cinco de Mayo Philly Bar Crawl” Philadelphia, PA:

The Cinco de Mayo Philly Bar Crawl boasts that it is one of the biggest bar crawls ever to take place in the city, with over 20 bars and last year over 10,000 participants. This year it’s trying to double that attendance, to make it the biggest bar crawl in Philidelphia history, so if you are ready to jump on the bandwagon for that noble cause then this bar crawl will be for you. This bar crawl includes tons of swag for its participators and also delicious, discounted food specials at most of the bars. What’s better than great Mexican food? Great Mexican food at a discount.


3. “San Fran Cinco” San Francisco, CA:

When a Pub Craw takes place in the sunny city of San Francisco, you know it is going to be good. San Francisco’s pub crawl, aptly named San Fran Cinco, is back again for another year of fun and festivities. Drink specials are plentiful and some of the bars even have a program where you can get there early to have a great seat to view the Kentucky derby. What more could you really ask for?

4. “Fremont Street Bar Crawl” Las Vegas, NV:

I feel like Las Vegas was just made for bar crawls, or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, you better be down to party when it comes to a bar crawl in this city. You’re in for some amazing drink specials as well as the Fremont Street bar crawl map that shows you all of the participating venues, their hours, and what kind of specials you will receive once you get there.

5. “Cinco de Mayo Pub Crawl” Nashville, TN:

Nashville’s Cinco de Mayo Pub Crawl will have tons of live music, as would be expected from one of the music capitals of the US. Along with amazing concerts, there will also be authentic Mexican cuisine and beverages at great prices.


6. “Cinco de Mayo Bar Crawl” Scottsdale, AZ:

This Cinco de Mayo bar crawl is one of Scottsdale’s biggest, reoccurring events. Just some of the perks included are skipping lines and immediate admission to all bars as well as three one-penny drink vouchers to use on the crawl. You can also get discounted rides from Lyft with a coupon code, free food, and other giveaways if you win Scottsdale’s Cinco de Mayo Bar crawl photo contest. This Bar crawl sounds like a full-on blast with all of the cool things they offer.

7. “Tacos & Margs Bar Crawl” Boston, MA:

The Tacos and Margs bar Crawl is back again in Boston and will be showcasing Faneuil Hall’s best bars for a bar crawl that is flowing with tacos and tequila. In order to fully experience this bar crawl, you’ll need to download their app. Not only to just register your ticket but also to get a QR code that you can scan at every bar for discounts and freebies that include drinks, food, and more.

8.  “Cinco de Mayo Bar Crawl” Hartford, CT:

As one of the best bar crawls in CT, this even is sure to be spectacular. There will be giveaways including a free souvenir cup and two grand prizes. With the multiple venues showcasing some great DJ’s and other great perks including beer specials, food specials, and express entry, why haven’t you booked your ticket already?


9. “Margarita March” New York, NY:

Margarita March is taking place again in NYC and it looks like it’ll be another blowout year. It’s seen as a pre-party for NYC’s other Cinco De Mayo Festivities and takes place in late April. Not only do you get to go to some of the best bars in the NYC area, but you’ll also get a complimentary margarita at each venue, as well as some other perks.

10. “Cinco de Mayo Crawl” Hampton, VA:

For a bar crawl that seems to have it all, look no further than the Cinco de Mayo Crawl in Hampton VA.  If you purchase general admission you will receive Exclusive drink specials at the participating bars, access to the best costume contest, and an event koozie. When you get VIP admission, you will receive everything previously listed plus vouchers for a tequila shot, taco, and a beer, and an event T-shirt. Restaurants are also included on this crawl so there will be plenty of food of all sorts. Honestly, that’s what’s drawing me to this one.

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11. “Taco & Margarita Crawl” Charlotte, NC:

The Taco and Margarita Crawl in Charlotte, NC is known for its gift bag of swag and prizes which is given to the first 100 people in line at check-in. This bar crawl is also kept at pretty low numbers in order to enhance the attention given to each guest and make sure everyone feels like they have a personalized experience. There are also discounted drinks at each venue. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the delicious tacos.

12. “5th Annual Cinco de Mayo Bar Crawl” Houston, TX:

This annual Cinco de Mayo Bar Crawl that takes place in Houston, TX prides itself on being one of the best and most versatile Cinco De Mayo bar crawls with drink specials not just on margaritas or tequila shots (though they have this too) but also on beer and sangria. All you’ll need to participate in this bar crawl is the map and your wristband. Your squad of party people is also encouraged too.

13. “Hollywood Bar Crawl” In Los Angles, CA:

What could be better than a bar crawl in Hollywood? Getting drink specials, discounted food, and receiving other giveaways at a bar crawl in Hollywood. You’ll get all of that with the Cinco De Mayo Hollywood bar crawl in Los Angles, so you pretty much win.


14. “Cinco de Mayo Festival” Omaha, NE:

Since this is one of the biggest Cinco de Mayo festivals in the region, the festival organizers in Omaha make it big every year with live music and dancing, some of the best authentic Mexican cuisines from the area, inexpensive drinks and more.

15. “Tacos & Tequila Fiesta” Atlanta, GA:

The Tacos and Tequila Fiesta is the biggest Cinco de Mayo Party in Atlanta, GA. Since it’s the biggest, it also comes with some of the best perks. These perks include party beads, free shots, cheap drink specials at almost every bar on the crawl (I’m talking 1/2/3 dollars cheap), and Mexican food specials & tacos, also at inexpensive prices. There are also bands and DJ’s throughout the festival, so this is sure to be one beginning of summer party that you don’t want to miss!

Which of these Cinco de Mayo bar crawls are you excited to try out? Let us know in the comments down below!

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