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The Top 10 Social Media Apps

The invention of Social Media certainly has come a long way in the last 15 years. From simple networks like Myspace and Vine, we are now living in an age that allows us more upgraded uses of Social Media to help assist in today’s business structure and economy. 

1. YouTube

From its debut back in 2005, the idea of YouTube was just to allow anyone to upload random comedic content. 

Fast-forwarding 16 years later, is now seen as the biggest growing network allowing to post content that is more suited for a positive audience to form communities while gaining worldwide recognition for creating either interesting or entertaining content.

2. Instagram

As kids, we all need that one social network site where we can go to just escape the constant harassment from the real world and connect with others our age with the same interest. Instagram would be that safe zone for us all.

Originally launching back in 2010, I remember when Instagram started a simple network where you can post pictures writing your thought on it, and its simple additional features like commenting on other’s posts, liking other’s pictures, and sending DM’s (Direct Messages). Today, it is one of the biggest businesses allowing people to add captivating and editing features to post’s, uploading hour-long video content, not to mention you can shop for items related to your interest of who you follow.

3. Facebook

Ok, I know what I said previously about kids needing their haven for social media is important. But the same rule even applies to most adults who enjoy online social networking.

The biggest difference between Instagram and Facebook is focused on its content distribution. YouTube is a little bit more drawn towards comedic entertainment for most young viewers, while Facebook is more built on a more grown environment that allows people who are more mature to either reconnect or discuss certain issues based on politics and race. You can call it the over 30’s and up Social Media!

4. Twitter

Twitter is what we would call either the 1st Amendment or the land of the free when it comes to blog posts. 

Twitter in my opinion is probably that one social media site that is not afraid to tackle topics that may seem too mature or direct for some viewers. Sure, it may allow you to connect with others who have the same interest as all the other social media sites. However, Twitter is rated mature because it allows people to post things that have a big impact on topics from sexually explicit content too violent actions.

5. Snapchat

We have all had that those days when we’re texting someone without sheer emotion, but it’s hard to tell how we feel not being able to show any facial expressions other than just emojis. Snapchat brings out those emotional expressions we are trying to let people know about.

Using Snapchat allows anyone to send both pictures while texting at the same time making the use of two messaging platforms in one way.

6. Meetup

Sometimes the stress of constantly staying up to date of getting likes and attention on Social Media can be quite exhausting. It’s usually best to step away from it all and find some people who share the same interest as you do and meet up with them.

This is more of a unique Social Network that fosters the idea of wanting to help grow connections with other people to help broaden the idea of making friendships in person rather than constantly depending on what people think of you in the cyber world.

7. Tik Tok

As kids become more influenced by trends on social media, the more our creativity is brought out as a form of entertainment.

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Tik Tok is seen as that enjoyable platform that allows kids to tap into their creativity and a place where you can feel free to just show off entertaining lip-syncing or funny dance routine no matter how ridiculous it looks. The way how I see it, there is always an audience looking at your funny content as their source of inspiration.

8. Twitch

Blog posting apps are not the only social network sites that have been gaining attention in the media. Video Games networks are now the most popular networks to join online. We have come a long way from being able to play console games online with friends to playing live letting other people view our gameplay.

Twitch allows you to join live chat rooms and subscribe to people’s pages to watch their live gameplays where some of them can come across as very competitive increasing the excitement and thrill of this streaming platform.

9. Discord

Much like every other instant messaging social media app, Discord is an instant messaging and digital distribution platform where users can communicate with private texts, voicemails, and calls. Now the interesting part about discord is that it lets you also  join communities called servers, and these communities can range from a lot of interests in particular.

Most teenagers join this app to create and post content with artistic animated edits. Anime gifs and pfp are in particular add in a sense of artistic self-expression/mood feeling that appeals to most teenagers. It is almost a style of vaporwave art that captures our attention because these edits are a refreshing form of new artwork merging reality with 2-dimensional figures.

10. LinkedIn

 Unfortunately, we can not stay young forever, and as we get older we have to start thinking long-term such as knowing what’s the best way to land a successful career in the business field. At first, we were always told to give up social media because it is nothing but distractions for our goals. But whoever said that all Social Media platforms do are block your focus from finding a good job?

LinkedIn is the one social media app where its purpose is to connect with powerful job boards and post your educational success online where top business executives can view and consider you an exceptional candidate for their business.

Marcellus Johnson

"The imagination is precious. Don't lose it. Don't lose the child in you" Marilyn Manson

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