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The Top 10 Multivitamins To Take For Your Wellness

**The Top 10 Multimitamins For Women**

Taking a multivitamin ensures that your body is getting the proper nutrients that it may be missing. With the proper nutrients, your body will function properly and feel rejuvenated. There are hundreds of multivitamin brands that have a variety of different advantages. Here are the top 10 multivitamins to take for your wellness! 

1. Ritual Essential-$30

The Ritual Essential multivitamins are formulated to have traceable ingredients that are effective. Some of the main ingredients that can be traced to their source include folate, vitamin D, vitamin B12, omega-3, and iron. All locations of these essentials are listed on their website to educate customers on where the ingredients are coming from! 

Some of the main concerns that Ritual Essential focuses on are brain health, bone health, blood-building, and antioxidant support. The 60 multivitamins in each bottle have beadlet in oil technology. This technology makes it possible for the multivitamins to contain both oily and dry ingredients in one capsule! Lastly, the multivitamins are formulated to have delayed release. This delayed-release ensures that the nutrients in the capsules will be absorbed in the small intestine, the ideal location for nutrient absorption! 

2. True Grace-$31.95

True Grace is a 30-count multivitamin that is formulated with fermented organic ingredients. This multivitamin focuses on immune and beauty support, increased energy, and the improvement of daily balance! Some of the main ingredients in the True Grace multivitamin include vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin C, biotin, and organic mushroom fruiting body blend! 

The organic mushroom fruiting body blend is one of the unique properties of the True Blend multivitamin. Mushrooms have been historically known for their health benefits, particularly in traditional Chinease medicine! Some of the mushrooms included in this multivitamin include reishi, maitake, turkey tail, and cordyceps. Reishi mushroom supports healthy aging. Maitake and turkey tail mushrooms are for immunity support. Lastly, the cordyceps mushrooms are used to support endurance! 

3. Centrum-$10.69

The Centrum multivitamin’s main benefits are the support of energy, metabolism, immune health, and hair, skin, and nail health! This supplement is offered in a smooth tablet form that should be taken once daily. There are 120 tables in each package! 

This Centrum Multivitamin is formulated specifically for women’s health! Some of the key ingredients in this multivitamin that is specifically devoted to women’s health include vitamin E, vitamin K, biotin, pantothenic acid, magnesium, and molybdenum. 

4. Olly-$13.99

The Olly multivitamins are formulated for active women that may be missing essential nutrients. In one daily dose, the multivitamin has 18 different nutrients to ensure good health and energy. Some of the nutrients in the multivitamins include B vitamins, vitamin D, calcium, and antioxidants. The B vitamins give physical and mental energy. Vitamin D and calcium will support bone health. Lastly, the antioxidants will do a variety of things, including giving healthy, glowing skin!

The Olly multivitamins are offered in gummy form! This is a continuation of the active women’s mindset. If you’re in a hurry, no need to worry about food or drink while taking this multivitamin! The Olly multivitamin can be taken by itself no matter the situation! While taking two multivitamins daily, there are 45 servings in each package!

5. care/of-$15

The care/of multivitamins is a monthly subscription! To begin this subscription, a customer will have to take a quiz. This quiz will ask questions about your current wellness, past experience with vitamins, health goals, medical history, lifestyle choices, and eating habits. Once this quiz is complete, care/of will create a multivitamin that is formulated for you and your specific concerns! 

All nutrients that are included in the care/of multivitamins are made for efficiency and guarantee easy absorption and digestion! Some of the main nutrients included are plant-based calcium and magnesium, vitamin D3, vitamin K12, and B12 methylcobalamin! 

6. Vitafusion-$9.68

The Vitafusion multivitamin gummies are packed with nutrients! Some of the main concerns that Vitafusion addresses are energy, metabolism, bone health, and immune strength. Some of the key ingredients in this multivitamin include vitamins A, vitamin C, vitamin B-6, zinc, and folate. 

One package of Vitafusion multivitamin gummies contains 150 colorful gummies! It is instructed to take two gummies daily to gain the proper amount of nutrients. When taking the gummies daily, there’s no need to worry about how they are made! Vitafusion multivitamin gummies do not contain high-fructose corn syrup, dairy, gluten, or synthetic dyes! 

7. Rae-$14.99

The Rae multivitamins support a wide range of different health concerns! This 30-day supply will guarantee that you have enough nutrients despite the stress and environmental factors that might be restricting you! 

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Vitamin A, biotin, selenium, and ashwagandha are some of the main nutrients in the Rue multivitamin capsules! Vitamin A is used to support healthy vision and cellular growth. Biotin is for healthy hair, skin, and nails.  The support for women’s health is the purpose of the selenium. Lastly, the ashwagandha is used to support well-being and reduce feelings of stress. 

8. Rainbow Light-$11.54

The Rainbow Light multivitamins are formulated with organic superfoods and probiotics. These multivitamins are created with high-potency nutrients that support whole-body health! The clean and raw ingredients in this multivitamin are non-GMO certified and are clinically proven to absorb the seven key ingredients in the formula!

It is instructed to take just one tablet daily out of this 45-tablet pack to support immune, brain, and bone health! B vitamins, folate, calcium, and iron are some of the key ingredients in the Rainbow Light multivitamins. 

9. Nature Made-$9.79

The Nature Made multivitamin gummies are formulated to provide 13 different vitamins and minerals that are essential for women’s daily health. With a 35-day supply, two Nature Made multivitamin gummies should be daily!  These gummies contain no high-fructose corn syrup, synthetic dyes, gluten, or artificial sweeteners! 

Some of the key ingredients in these gummies include vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and folic acid. Eye health, antioxidant support, immune health, bone health, and women’s health are some of the benefits of these ingredients! 

10. Lumity-$100

If you’re looking for a high-quality multivitamin and want to splurge, the Lumity multivitamin is the one to try! This package of multivitamins will last four weeks! Some of the benefits of this multivitamin include protection from oxidative stressors, metabolism and absorption support, immune support, vitality and brain health, and healthy hair, skin, and nails! Vitamin A, vitamin C, iodine, magnesium, zinc, flaxseed oil, and turmeric root extract are some of the key ingredients.

The multivitamin comes in the form of soft gels and should be taken three times in the morning and three times at night! The morning soft gels will boost energy, improve skin radiance, and protect DNA. The nighttime soft gels will enhance your quality of sleep and repair your body’s tissue. 

What are your favorite multivitamins brands? Spill your faves below!

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