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The 8 Tips You Have To Try For Better Sleep At Night

The 8 Tips You Have To Try For Better Sleep At Night

Here are a few tips for better sleep taht you should try if you struggle getting to bed at night. No more tossing and turning!

Tossing and turning at night is one of the most irritating things when trying to go to sleep. Counting down the hours until you have to wake up just makes it even worse. If all you can think about if your early alarm going off, follow these tips for better sleep!

The first tip for better sleep is to put away all electronics an hour before you sleep!

I know this doesn’t sound easy but resting you eyes, allowing them to adjust to the light around you and just being without them for the hour before you finally close your eyes is so essential for your body and your mind! This will allow you to truly get into the relaxed state and prepare for bed.

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The second tip is stay away from tea!

One of the important tips for better sleep is no tea! This is something I have definitely not perfected but any drink with caffeine before bed is obviously a bad idea. Yes, tea has caffeine stop trying to deny it! Try a warm glass of milk, a glass of water or even a herbal tea. Just listen to your body and lay off the caffeine. Allow yourself to get into that relaxed state rather than the energised one.

tea time

If you want better sleep start working on a routine.

Routines are essential if you want consistently good sleep. If you want to make sure you’re getting in the right amount of hours, feeling energised in the morning and truly enjoying your sleep then start sleeping at the same time every night and waking up at the same time. Of course treat yourself with a lie in every once in a while but try keep it consistent and wake up early. Train your body to get used to it.

One key to a better sleep is to have a productive day.

Studies show that people sleep better and happier when they feel like they have had a fulfilled and productive day as one of the tips for better sleep. When they have got things done, made things happen and worked towards something. So take a look at your To Do list and consider crossing as much as you can off before the day ends. Go to bed excited for what tomorrow could bring.

Don't be busy. Just be productive.

Have a meaningful conversation.

A lot of the time better sleep is down to your mind. It is all to do with your thoughts and feelings. Try having a good conversation with someone before you sleep, talk about your problems or things you want to get off your chest. End the conversation with positive aspects of your day and go to sleep feeling relieved and cared for. Just having someone listen to you is very beneficial for your mind especially when sleeping. It makes you feel at peace which is perfect for a good night sleep!

Turn the lights off!

Turn the lights down in your house, let your eyes get used to the lower exposure and the feeling of sleep. Especially during the summer it takes longer to get dark outside so try creating the night time feel inside your house when it gets to 6/7. A key component of tips for better sleep is to let your body take its own time to adjust to the mood and the evening.

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A warm shower/body wash.

The feeling of warm water washing down you is perfect to relieve those tensions and soften your skin. It helps you feel relaxed and cosy, definitely ready to get into some fresh bed sheets and dream the night away! The more relaxed you let your body feel the better sleep you will have. So do whatever it is that makes you feel the most comfiest and peaceful.

Finally, avoiding napping where possible!

I know, I saved the worst till last. Napping is most peoples favourite past time. Unfortunately it isn’t mine because something about sleeping and daylight just don’t work for me but I know that isn’t the case with most people. Napping is great yes, for a short term relief. A busy day and a quick nap in between sounds blissful to many but it is actually disturbing your sleep pattern and confusing your body. Naps aren’t usually a regular daily occurrence. They happen out of convenience and it really does mess with your body clock. Try to avoid napping, I know it is hard, especially when you’re having a busy day and a 10 minute snooze could refresh you, avoid it! Save the sleeping for night time. Come home after a long day, do what you need to do and jump on your bed feeling tired but ready to sleep for hours. Trust me you’ll be out like a light!

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Now remember, to have better sleep you need to look after yourself internally and externally. Make small sacrifices, relax and fix your routine. These eight tips, if you take them seriously and implement them into your lifestyle, can help tremendously and let you have the sleep you need!

What are your tips for better sleep? We want to know, let us know in the comments below!

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