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The 10 Things We All Experience In High School

The 10 Things We All Experience In High School

There are so many things we all experience in high school. We've put together some of the most memorable moments from high school.

There are a few things – whether traumatic or glorious – that everyone experiences in high school. Let’s take a nostalgic trip down the halls of the worst days of our lives. These may not be the most memorable, deep, or life-lesson types of experiences, but hey, an experience is an experience nonetheless! Keep reading for 10 things we all experience in high school!

1. Stage Fright

Escaping class to go relieve yourself in an empty bathroom is the best until someone else walks in and you have to wait patiently until they leave to do your business.

2. Mrs. Mom/Mr. Dad

Nothing is weirder than calling your teacher ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ in front of the whole class.



3. Four Dimensional Naps

Everyone has had one of those naps in class where you wake up feeling like you are in not only in a different country and time zone but a completely different dimension.

4. The Pad Fairy

Relatable for the ladies, I think we have all gone to the bathroom and completely forgotten to bring our supply of pads/tampons, resulting in us having to contact one of our pals to come rescue us.


5. P.E. Try-Hard

Even if you weren’t the P.E. Try Hard, everybody can say that they’ve eaten sh*t or taken a socially destructive tumble on the glossy gym floors.

6. RIP Recess

No matter what anyone says, the hardest transition from middle school to high school is the loss of our beloved Recess. How I miss the days of Ye Olde Four Square.


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7. The Snack

The one snack in that one class. For myself, goldfish in Forensics.

8. PowerPoints

I will stand by this statement forever, nothing is funnier than your friend giving a PowerPoint presentation in front of the class and trying not to laugh at the faces you make in the back of the class.


9. ScanTron Screw Ups

Screwing up an entire ScanTron test from missing a single bubble is the worst, second to getting stage fright in the bathroom.

10. Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle

If and only if you are taking part in a dead silent exam, will your stomach decide to demonstrate the sounds of whale mating calls? Don’t skip breakfast kids.

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