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The Things Atlanta Is Most Known For That You Need To Check Out

The Things Atlanta Is Most Known For That You Need To Check Out

Have you ever thought about traveling to a destination but you know absolutely nothing about that place? You’re on the right track if you’re reading up about that destination. Well, rest assured, with one read you will learn about some of the most historic tourist attractions in and around Atlanta. 

Sit back and relax as I feed you the tea on Atlanta. 

1. Atlanta Pride

A tradition established in 1971 has now become one of the largest pride festivals in the Southeast. Every October, for a week, the streets are full of live entertainment, cultural exhibits, the parade, and a marketplace. During the week, many restaurants and nightlife venues offer promotions for all. There are many events that take place during the Pride Week such as the Dyke March, the Trans March, and the Pride Car Motorcycle Show. 


To finish up Pride week, at least a mile and a half of road are blocked off for the thousands of participants expected to attend the Pride Parade. The parade is full of bands, majorettes, and floats leading the charge. People line the streets to view and hear the harmony of the Pride Parade. The parade ends at Piedmont Park and is concluded with more live entertainment, exhibits and the long strips of vendors. 

Join us in continuing this tradition! 


2. Hartsfield-Jackson Airport 

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is the world’s busiest airport, serving at least 100 million people every year. Established from an abandoned racetrack, in 1925 Mayor Walter A. Sims decided to develop it into an airstrip; though, it was commonly used as a landing site for many years before 1925. After years of preparation and setbacks, in 1939, the airport opens its first control tower. 

The airport went through many name changes, from the Candler Airport to the Atlanta Municipal Airport and later to the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Every year, on one of the runways, there is a 5k held. Why don’t you join in on the tradition!

Fun fact: there are rotating and permanent art exhibits between the terminals. Maybe as you are passing through the terminal you will be able to see the creative pieces throughout the airport. Something to look for on your next visit. 


3. 1996 Summer Olympics – Atlanta

Every four years, people from all over the world travel great distances to attend the Olympic tournaments. This international sporting event has something for every curious viewer as there is a variety of competitions.

In 1996, the Olympic Games were held in Atlanta, Georgia; though, the games did not end too well. Towards the end of the tournament, on July 27, 1996, a bomb explodes during the game. There was fear, mayhem but that did not hinder the spirit of Atlanta. Though, such gruesome threats are not enough to keep the spirit of Atlanta down; thus, three days later, the park reopened. 


This is a paramount piece of Atlanta’s history as it details one of the many struggles the city has undergone as well as serves as a reference for how much the city has developed.

4. Stone Mountian Park

Ever heard of a bas-relief? Yeah, me neither but Stone Mountain Park has the largest bas-relief in the world, on its north face. The carving depicts Confederate figures, Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis. The controversial relationship between the confederate figures and the Ku Klux Klan is beside the point though.


The park hosts many events throughout the year and is a major tourist attraction. Some of the most notable attractions are the Memorial Day Weekend – Salute The Troops event, the Fantastic Fourth Celebration, as well as the Labor Day Weekend Celebration. 

If you find yourself in Georgia, visit Stone Mountain Park for some fun festivities. If you want a more calm scene I’ll do well to note that many of the residents and tourists use the trail as an awesome exercise terrain and for picnics. 

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5. Little Five Points

Deemed one of the hippest neighborhoods in Atlanta satiates the versatile tastes of anyone who dares to enter. This section of the city has a long strip of shops, eateries, and live entertainment venues. 

People love the shops in Little Five Points as the harbor a unique type of clothing, the vinyl shops are to die for, and the gift shops are cool as heck. One of my favorite shops to buy crystals from is Crystal Blue. You should definitely check it out. 


If you’re looking for some intriguing entertainment, stop by one of the theatres or bars for a good time. The Variety Playhouse is the most popular live music venue in Little Five Points. Maybe you’re a relentless foodie. No worries, because your taste buds will definitely be satisfied. Little Five Points has burger joints, Mexican food, as well as Ethiopian and vegan eateries. 

Just there for some sightseeing? We have something for you too! There are many murals throughout Little Five Points that are bound to catch your attention. 

Admit it, you love this place already. 


6. Center For Disease Control’s Headquarters

Atlanta is also known for housing the headquarters of the CDC. There are many exhibits you can view on the first level of the CDC. The most notable ones are The Story of CDC which tells and shows the history and growth of the CDC into an agency of public health programs with the focus of prevention and the Global Symphony which is like an introductory course to public health and the CDC. 

The gallery is riddled with photographs, documents, objects from the CDC collection and stories that detail some of the CDC’s contributions to the world. It is worth a visit. 


This should also serve as an introductory course to Atlanta. There is much more to know about Atlanta because when you are in town you want to go to the right places to have the best experience. Maybe learn about more of Atlanta’s attractions before your visit.

Did I miss anything? If so, make sure to drop a comment below. 

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