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The 12 Stages Of Winter Break

The 12 Stages Of Winter Break

Winter break is going to be here before you know it! Do you already have plans? You know meeting up with your friends from home and a lot of Netflix is going to be involved. Keep reading for the 12 stages of winter break!

1. Later Gators!

You’re done. You’re free. You worked your ass off this semester, or maybe you just squeezed by, but regardless, you’re just excited that you don’t have to look at the library anymore.

2. The queen has arrived.

Your mom does all your laundry, makes you a home cooked meal, and offers to pay for a mani pedi date because she missed you so much. WHY DID I EVER LEAVE THIS PLACE?


3. Reunited and it feels so (much like a hangover) good.

Being back with your hometown friends means getting so drunk together that it’s like you still haven’t seen them yet. Waking up for mimosas in sweats and last nights make-up. Ah, so good to be back with the girls.


4. Tis the season!

CHRISTMAS. Everyone’s favorite time to be with those you love and have your wishlist filled. Except this year you’re excited over laundry soap, grocery money, and socks. (Does this mean I’m an adult now?)


5. The honeymoon decline.

Mom is fading off her high of excitement to have you home. She’s yelling at you for leaving your clothes all over your room and dishes in the sink. You’ve made it this far with clothes on the floor and dishes piled up so why is she on my ass now? BUT she’s your mom and (she’s right) so you just do as you’re told.

6. Netflix and nobody talk to me.

You’re spending afternoons on the couch binge watching shows and stuffing your face with leftover Christmas cookies. You cancel on plans and you’re happy about it.

7. Just do as little as possible.

At this point even when you breathe in the same room as your parents you’re getting in trouble. College is like the halfway point of kid and adult. Dealing with authority from parents gets tricky and now you’re just trying to finish the break without your mom killing you or vice versa.


8. Straight boredom.

You’ve binge watched, and hung out with every friend, you’re not the “honorary guest” at home anymore, now you’re just (enter your name) and you feel like you’re back in high school again. This is so boring. Once you start considering doing a puzzle then you need to worry.

9. Delusion starts to set in!

You question who you are without stress. What is this “free time” and what do I do with it? Is this going to be on a quiz in the future? Oh my god, I need to go back to school.


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10. Going out with one last bang.

New Years! The last holiday to get real shitty with your friends and then escape any mistakes made by running back to school. My favorite time of winter break if I do say so myself.

11. Won’t you save me San Francisco?

You’re really missing the bay and the one of a kind place that it is. You miss dolo days, mission burritos, and even the library a little bit too. WHY DID I EVER LEAVE?


Will you miss Mission Burritos over winter break?

12. Back to The Bay.

You’re packed up and ready to be back at school. You’ll miss your parents even if you drove each other a little crazy this break, but it’s time to head out.


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