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The Spring And Summer Dresses You Won’t Want To Miss

The Spring And Summer Dresses You Won’t Want To Miss

Get excited for warmer weather with these cute spring and summer dresses! The casual dress outfits come in colors such as white, red, black, and more! Not to mention, they range from all different styles like maxi, midi, bodycon, lace-up, and wrap!

The countdown to spring is here, and our 2018 Spring and Summer wardrobe anticipation can no longer wait. These cute spring and summer dresses have everything we are looking for from frills, ruffles, floral prints, maxi and midi lengths, tight bodycon styles and more. Basically, we couldn’t wait to share our favorite dress outfits with you any longer. Whether you’re looking for a casual or flirty look – it’s clear, the time to get your warm weather style on is now.


1) Show Off Your Spring Zest In This Floral Slit Maxi

This beautiful blue and white maxi dress is great to wear on that first unusually warm spring day! Pair it with booties and a layered necklace, and you’ll be the epitome of spring fashion.


2) Hit The Town In This Edgy Striped Summer Bodycon

For those of you that have worked your a** off all winter for that summer bod, now’s your time to show it off! A bodycon dress is the perfect way to flaunt your stuff. Not to mention, red always goes well with a tan.

3) A Classic Striped Wrap Dress, For The Everyday

A wrapped dress like this looks great for your everyday style. Without showing too much, you’re still able to look hot AF. Wear it for a shopping trip with your mom, lunch, or early drinks with friends!


4) The Best Combination, Floral & Off The Shoulder

When you think of seasons like spring and summer the first thought that comes to mind is flowers, the beach, and a good tan. This flirty dress encompasses all of that. Not to mention, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get it!


5) Because Who Doesn’t Love Gingham?

Gingham was such a hot pattern last summer, and we don’t anticipate for it to go away just yet! Therefore, a flirty gingham summer dress like this will always be a closet staple to own.

6) Wear This Super Casual Lace Up Dress Anywhere, Anytime

Everyone loves a casual dress. They’re simple, easy to throw on, and the best part? You fool people into think you actually  put in effort. Every spring and summer wardrobe deserves a dress like this one!


7) Keep It Classy With This Long Sleeve Floral Maxi

When talking about spring and summer dresses, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful floral print like this one! The conservative feel is perfect to wear to an event such as a wedding, or even to Easter with your family!

8) This Halter Neck Vintage Dress Is Giving Some Serious Summer Vibes

Vintage is so in right now. You’ve definitely seen pictures of Marilyn Monroe in a very similar style. This classic green pinstripe halter dress is the best for a summer day.


9) Frills, Pinstripes, & Bell Sleeves

Rock this striped bell sleeved dress to lunch or dinner, it works for both. The fun orange tassels add a flirty style makes it unique and different! This is definitely one of the cutest spring and summer dresses to wear!


10) This Cute Baby Blue Ruffled Dress Can Be Worn In Both Seasons

A dress like this is bold, and is definitely a statement outfit. However, we like the boldness. Wear this beautiful frilled dress with some stilettos and you’ll have everyone looking in your direction!

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11) I Mean, Millennial Pink Is An Obvious Must

It’s no secret that millennial pink hit the fashion world in a big way in years past, and we don’t plan for it to go away this year either. Wear this dress in the spring or summer, either works!

12) You’ll Get So Much Use Out Of This Striped Summer Dress

A classic striped dress like this one can be worn anywhere. Family vacations, lunch dates, shopping trips… etc. You name it, this dress will be suited for it.


13) Cozy Up In This Cocoon Style Maxi Dress

We’ve all experienced the summer nights where you want to just throw something on that’s quick and easy to take a long walk on the beach, or head to dinner. This dress is perfect for that! The cocoon design compliments all shapes and sizes, and is affordable too!

14) A Simple White Dress, Because Every Girl Needs One

We couldn’t go without mentioning a simple white dress. This classic parachute sleeve dress is perfect for any occasion, spring or summer, rain or shine, this dress is a go-to.


15) Try Out This Beautiful Spring Time Off The Shoulder Dress

We’ve waited all winter for that off the shoulder style to come back, so it’s important to take advantage of it ASAP. For example, that first warm spring day!


Are you ready to invest in some spring and summer dresses? Let us know in the comment section below!

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