The Spring 2019 Nail Trends You Need To Know

This spring 2019 nail trends has some familiar colors as well as a little pop of color. The spring time is a time of refreshing and shaking off the cold of the winter. Make sure to ditch the cold and take a leap into spring with some of these nail trends.

1. Pastel

Those fun bright colors are apart of the spring 2019 nail trends. These are the colors that make you think of sun dresses and sipping sangria on the porch. It’s time to break out those colors that are bright and fun!

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2. Glitter Cuticules

This spring 2019 nail trend is cute and and adds a little glitter without going overboard. If you are looking for a trend that will go with all your spring outfits and will bring a little warmth on the drizzly spring days, add a little glitter to your cuticles.

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3. White

Going all white on your nails is a great spring 2019 nail trend. This is refreshing and shakes off the dark cold colors we were wearing all winter long and is like cleaning your pallet for the brighter days to come.

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4. Minimalist

Minimalism is the new trend in every day, so apply it to your spring 2019 nail trend. Add simple dots to a naked nail and you have a style that is simple and elegant.

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5. Multi-Colored

Remember the days when you were young and painted your nails all the color of the rainbow? Apply the same childish whimsy and have fun with this spring 2019 nail trend and don’t pick just one color.

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6. Nude with accent

Applying the same minimalist ideals and add an accent to your nude colored nails. It doesn’t have to be a separate color, but put a spring themed pattern on for this spring 2019 nail trend.

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7. Matte

There is something very classic and sophisticated about a matte nail. You don’t have to leave those dark nails in the cold winter days but bring them back with a matte in the spring.

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8. Rose Gold

Rose gold seems to be everywhere these days and that’s a good thing. This gorgeous spring 2019 nail trend celebrates the pink and delicate colors of the season and why not apply it to your nails!

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9. Floral

One of the best things about spring is all those beautiful flowers popping out of the ground the brighten our days. Try a floral nail in this spring 2019 nail trend to take those flowers wherever you go.

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10. Colored French Tip

This spring 2019 nail trend puts a twist on the classic french tip with a little splash of color. Try out a red or pink to truly make this a perfect spring nail trend.

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11. Simple Stripes

These simple spring 2019 nails will match any of the outfits you have, from your colder spring days to the hotter days closer to spring. Chose a gold or silver to brighten up the very simple design.

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12. Metallic

Let your party animal come out a little bit and go for the metallic nails that are reflective and gorgeous. Be ready to go from day to night in an easy flash with these nails.

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The Choices are endless, whether you are holding onto the winter wonderlands or leaping into the colors of sunny days, these spring 2019 nail trends will have you looking fashion ready to face the day. What’s your go-to trend for the spring? Let us know in the comments below.

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Leanna Hanika

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