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“The Smell Turns Me On”

“The Smell Turns Me On”

I started drinking in 8th grade; some might say that’s young, some might say that’s normal for the kids in my generation. I started out with the things in my dad’s cabinet, tequila, rum, whiskey, and the occasional glass of mamajuana (Dominican Republic drink), but tequila was my drink of choice. The smell was what I liked most.

I was the friend who got all her friends to start drinking and carried a bottle to middle school to share. And when they would say I made good drinks out of tequila and Gatorade, I would gloat. I loved the smell of the tequila, the sweetness, the smoothness that lasted for a few seconds before the sweet burn; a bottle I’m searching for to this day.

So, with this interest in tequila and because alcohol costs too much for a girl with a college budget and who wants the bottle all for herself and whoever she chooses, I hookup with people who have bought me alcohol. It’s the smell that gets me the most.

I’ve hooked up with the host of a party because he gave me a handle of fireball, I’ve hooked up with a guy I met relatively met because he bought patron, absolute, and some wine. I almost hooked up with a friend who I chugged about a dozen cups of fruit punch.

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I guess I just get really affectionate, or I’m just a tequila whore.