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The Skin Care Tips You Need To Eliminate Acne For Good

The Skin Care Tips You Need To Eliminate Acne For Good

Knowing the proper skin care tips is crucial for managing acne. You don’t need a cabinet full of expensive products to achieve clear skin. All of these tips are super simple but will go a long way with keeping acne at bay. You already have all the products you need, the trick is just using them properly so your skin can stay clean and healthy. Read on to hear about the skin care tips that changed my skin for the better!

Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Working with clean brushes is one of the best skin care tips out there. It couldn’t be easier and you’ll notice results almost immediately. If you see red spots popping up in places you don’t normally break out, it’s definitely time to wash your brushes.

I recommend using a makeup wipe daily (or whenever you do your makeup), and then doing a deep clean once a week. Wash with antibacterial soap and watch those pimples disappear!

The Skin Care Tips You Need To Eliminate Acne For Good

Don’t Touch Your Face

This is probably the most valuable skin care tip you will ever hear. Your hands carry all sorts of nasty bacteria (just think of all the things you touch in a day!), so touching your face before washing your hands will only lead to more blackheads and pimples.

To make this skin care tip as effective as possible, only touch your face when you’re washing it in the morning and at night. I carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with me everywhere I go so I can keep my hands clean before touching up my makeup. These skin care tips will help keep bacteria away from your face, which is exactly what you need to clear up acne!

The Skin Care Tips You Need To Eliminate Acne For Good

Cleanse Thoroughly

This one seems like it couldn’t be more obvious, but it’s probably one skin care tip you don’t think about that often, which means you might not be putting enough thought into your skin care routine. If you think just slapping some face wash onto wet skin is doing the trick, it isn’t.

The key with this skin care tip is patience. When cleansing you want to pay extra attention to areas like the jawline, hairline, and around your lips to wash away all the bacteria lingering on your skin. Something I learned from YouTube star Alexandras Girly Talk is to cleanse your face dry and then wet your fingertips a little bit before really massaging your face wash in. This gives you time to really work the cleanser onto troubled skin.

The Skin Care Tips You Need To Eliminate Acne For Good

Change Your Pillowcases

I love this skin care tip because it’s something I wouldn’t normally think about, but is so crucial for getting clear skin. Even if you go to bed with a clean face you’ll never get completely clear skin unless what you’re sleeping on is clean as well.

Your pillows are a bacteria hot spot, so wash them once a week at least! This also applies to towels or anything else you touch your face with. If you want to be really extra you can get cheap pillowcases at Bed Bath & Beyond and change them daily.

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The Skin Care Tips You Need To Eliminate Acne For Good

Keep Your Makeup Products Clean

This skin care tip isn’t always easy to remember, but it’s so important. I used to use grimy makeup products that were covered in foundation, mascara, eye shadow, you name it. Once I started wiping off my products with a makeup remover wipe I noticed a huge difference in the way my skin looked. You want to keep everything clean and tidy to achieve clear skin, so get to work on that messy makeup station!

The Skin Care Tips You Need To Eliminate Acne For Good

Stay Away From Physical Exfoliation

This skin care tip has helped my acne immensely. I know when my skin was really bad it was so tempting to reach for harsh scrubs, thinking I could just scrub away the pimples. Just because Kylie Jenner introduced it in her new skin care line does not mean you should use it, girl!

Those scrubs are far too irritating for sensitive, acne-prone skin, so it’s much better to use chemical exfoliants like AHA or Lactic Acid to slough off dead skin and banish blackheads. These chemicals won’t irritate the skin like a walnut scrub would.

The Skin Care Tips You Need To Eliminate Acne For Good

These tried and true tips are really all you need to get the skin of your dreams. Let’s hear what your favorite skin care tips are in the comments!

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