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The 5 Signs To Spot A Fake Friend

The 5 Signs To Spot A Fake Friend

These are all of the signs to spot a fake friend and how to deal with them if you do! Chances are if you're already questioning your friend, that's a sign.

If you’re a person with trust issues, you’re always on the edge when it comes to relationships. As someone who’s struggled with friendships throughout my whole life, spotting a fake friend is my expertise. We’ve all had trash friendships.  Whether it’s your friend secretly talking shit behind your back or stealing your crush right in front of you! It’s time to wake up and check out this list of signs to spot a fake friend!

1. Fake Friends Don’t Care About Your Feelings

Fake Friends never take the time to acknowledge your issues. They expect you to provide them with free therapy. Free therapy is when a friend contacts you to spill their heart out with their drama and problems. They expect you to listen and take in all the information to come up with a plan to make them feel better. Yes, Its fine to give free therapy to a friend. If they constantly come back for more information but never return the favor it’s obvious that they couldn’t care less about your issues. Whether its the idea of you almost failing finals or dealing with the stress of looking for a job or internship. They won’t take your issues seriously. Please cut this person out of your life, if not make them pay you for advice!

2. Fake Friends Are Jealous Of You

Jealous friends are undercover haters. Any opportunity you’ve been given will piss them off. Jealous friends will make the relationship feel like a competition. They’re watching your every move and hoping for failure. These friends are usually insecure and entitled. Jealousy can lead to friends to think of ways to ruin your life! They will plot plans like posting terrible pictures of you on Instagram or block you from career-boosting opportunities. If there is awkward tension between you and your friend, please talk about it with them. If it doesn’t work out then block them from your life and social media.


3. Fake Friends Are Freeloaders

They will take advantage of you and won’t show any remorse. Depending on this person’s morals, the levels can vary with how far they’re willing to go to use you. They will treat you like a personal assistant. If you have a car and that friend does not drive, they will make sure to call you when it comes to running errands. You might as well call yourself their personal chauffeur. Please don’t expect them to offer you gas money or taking you out for lunch in return for that favor. Another situation can be asking you to write their research papers. Don’t stress yourself with someone’s coursework when you have tons of work to do. Tell them to pay up so you can be their tutor or end all ties to this relationship. This is one of the biggest signs to spot a fake friend!

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4. Fake Friends Will Ruin Relationship

Fake Friends want all of your relationships to fail. They will spread rumors and lies within your friend group to cause drama and have others against you. When it comes to your romantic relationships, that friend can either spread lies or manipulate them to cheat on you. This connects with the idea of fake friends being manipulative and jealous because they’re a hater. They want to have a genuine relationship and connection with others but fail due to their wicked ways. If a friend succeeds at coming between your romantic relationship, that friend and your significant other are trash.


5. Fake Friends Are Shady

Loyalty and honesty are important traits in any relationship, fake friends have neither of these traits. They will lie to make a fool out of you for entertainment purposes. They won’t tell you if your foundation is three shades lighter or if there’s a blood stain on your pants. Shady friends will lie about a parties dress code so all eyes can be on them. They feed off of attention and ruining their friend’s reputation. These signs to spot a fake friend are absolutely crucial.

What are some other signs to spot a fake friend? Comment below and share this article with your real and fake friends!

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