The Signs Of A Fake Friend To Look Out For

Sometimes you wonder about friends that are true, and those that are fake. As a friend, you’d like to believe that those you surround yourself with are your true supporters, but you can’t help but think otherwise every once and a while. If you’re questioning your friendships, then here are some signs of a fake friend!

1) Your relationship is based on talking bad about others:

If your friends talk bad about other people to you, then they talk bad about you behind your back. These are types of friendships where friend group talks about others, and a pair of friends out of that group talk about you. If your friends are gossipers, then that’s one of the biggest signs of a fake friend.

2) They become distant:

“Friends” who become distant towards you and only you don’t what to be your friend, and they don’t tell you to your face. Next thing you know, they are your “friend” again and act as if nothing ever happened.

3) You must question if they care about you:

When your “friends” do things without you or have a conversation without you, they don’t really care about your well being.

4) You always initiate things:

If your friends are not hard-core introverts, then they have no excuse for not initiating conversations and going out with you. They seem to start conversations and plan adventures with certain friends, but you are not in that mix.

5) They compete with you:

They always try to outdo anything you do and put you down when they do something better.

6) They don’t do favors for you:

You would do almost anything for your friends but when the situation is switched they avoid doing things for you.

7) They are quick to laugh at you if you fail at something:

Fake friends will not congratulate you for successes, but they are quick to laugh when you fail at something.

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8) They make you feel bad about yourself:

They don’t accept you for who you are because you are different from them.

10) They ignore you when they don’t accept your opinion:

Everyone is talking, and they give their opinions on something. You enlightened them on your opinion, but they all just look at you in dislike and ignore what you said.

11) They don’t want to talk about you:

Your friends talk a lot about themselves, but they aren’t interested in talking about you sometimes.

Did any of these signs of a fake friend sound familiar to you? Let us know in the comment section below!

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