The Secrets Of Sexting: All The Tips You Have To Know

To some, sexting can be a mundane past time that is used to spice things up a little. For me, I believe it’s an art that can leave both you and your partner feeling confident and sexy. Once you change your mindset towards sexting, it can become an activity you cannot get enough of. Below, I’ve curated some of my go-to sexting tips for you to experience sexting on a whole other level.

Make Sure You Feel Good

First tip to sexting is making sure you are in the mood and feel good. Some days we just aren’t feeling the most confident or are just feeling lazy. Although it’s possible to still get a good photo when you feel like that, you also risk getting fed up and frustrated and feeling worse. Sexting will only ever be as good as you let it be. When you’re really in the mood and the feeling is right, you will have a great time sexting your person. I use a sexting night as an excuse to pamper myself and really show my body some love before. Take a long shower, shave, and exfoliate, then moisturize all while drinking some wine and wearing a facemask. Your body will be glowing and so will your soul! 

The Secrets Of Sexting: All The Tips You Have To Know

Try Out Angles

If you’re sending photos during your sexting, you want to make sure you feel the best and are proud of how they turn out. Let me start by saying this, your little iphone rarely can do your body justice, so do not let taking sexy photos kill your confidence. The key is all in finding the best angel that will capture and highlight your curves and favorite features. Play around with it, get comfortable in front of the camera and remember nobody has to see any of them if you don’t want them to. So let that delete button be your best friend while you play around. My personal go to’s are always angles from above with stunning lighting. 

The Secrets Of Sexting: All The Tips You Have To Know

Know What You Feel Comfortable Doing

Like I said before, sexting only ever is really enjoyable when you are really in the right mood for it. As soon as you or your partner push too hard for something the other doesn’t feel comfortable with doing, you kill the mood and will end up not having a good time. So, make it clear with your partner what your boundaries are before it happens. Sometimes in a sexy way, your partner may try to “beg” for naughty photos or detailed text messages. If you don’t feel comfortable, one “no” should do the trick. Make sure you stay on the same page so that you don’t have to worry about these boundaries being blurred. 

Lighting is Everything

In life, selfies, and naked photos, lighting is everything, baby! You know how good lighting can make your pasta at a restaurant go from looking like it’s from Olive Garden to being hand delivered to you by Gordon Ramsy? Lighting can do the same thing to your body. This is why you need to take time and play around with it. If you know you’ll be sexting your partner later that night, I suggest snapping photos during the day so you have the natural lighting to make you glow even more and are ready to send them later that night. We don’t always have fair warning before a night convo turns frisky, though, which is why you need to find out where you have the best lighting in your home. I suggest trying out bathroom lighting, it’s usually brighter and bolder. 

The Secrets Of Sexting: All The Tips You Have To Know

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Pull UP

Pull up everything, babe. You know how when you massage your face, you’re supposed to massage the skin up so it doesn’t sag. Same rule applies here. If you actively look to pull up in your photos you’ll instantly look snatched and pull out definition in your muscles. This also should be noted if you are wearing any clothing in the photos. If you have underwear on, hike them up high over your hip on the sides. That gives the illusion of your legs being forever long and will add definition to your booty. 

Leave Your Face Out

If you are in a serious relationship, you can ignore this tip, but for the most part, it’s a safe bet to leave your face out of any nude photos of yourself. That way, if they ever were to ever get out, they are not easily recognized as yours. If you’ve ever been in the position where you have had your private photos leaked, let me tell you that you shouldn’t feel ashamed. Most people have sent a sexy photo before. The person who betrayed your trust and leaked the photo is the one who should feel humiliated. Either way, your safest bet is to always remain faceless in photos. A partner you trust will recognize your body any day and anyone who is desperate to see your face as well should follow you on Instagram. 


Details are the most important thing when sexting someone because you’re not physically together so your imaginations will be working overtime. Have you ever had someone message you “what would you do if I were there?”. I personally debate throwing my phone at a wall when someone says that to me because it just feels like a lot of work but it usually is a sign that you’re not already being detailed enough to make them really get into the sexting. So, this is where you pull out the big detailed words to make things even more specific. Their mind will run wild when you begin describing body parts and movements.

The Secrets Of Sexting: All The Tips You Have To KnowLet me know in the comments below if you try out any of these tips and as always, share your best tips below too. Remember, babe, your body is sexy and anyone is lucky to see it but you do not owe everyone the right to see it!