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The ScreenShop App Is Kim K’s New Fashion App

This new app is going to be groundbreaking. The ScreenShop app is the shopping app we have all been waiting for. If you haven’t already heard, Kim Kardashian West is a collaborator on the new app. You all know the scene in Clueless where she is searching for outfit ideas on her computer? Well this clothing app does exactly that! This fashion app lets you take a screenshot of any piece of clothing and shop for similar or identical items on their phone. Given Kim Kardashian West tested the app herself, I decided to give the ScreenShop app a spin myself; dare I say, it’s fucking next level. Here’s your ScreenShop app review!

The ScreenShop App Layout

First and foremost, an app that is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing is paramount; the ScreenShop app gets an A+ in both departments. When looking up this new fashion app in the App Store, CRAZE ScreenShop is the first thing that pops up; like I said, it’s easily accessible. Not only is it easy to find in the App Store but it’s a free shopping app! Paying pesky fees for a phone app is absolute shit. When you open ScreenShop the sign up process is nearly effortless. You type in your name and email and that’s it. On the bottom of the page you have four app headings: screenshots, favorites, discover and settings; all very straightforward. The discover tab is perfect when looking for outfits to replicate that are on trend. After giving ScreenShop access to your photos, you can simply upload an image to your archive.


How To Use ScreenShop

When I say it makes replicating and getting inspired by other outfits easy, I’m not joking. One of my favorite Instagram bloggers, Ashley Brooke, always has the greatest outfits that I search high and low for. It’s always a bitch looking for specific pieces of an outfit. Thanks to ScreenShop, that issue is no longer. Honestly, I don’t see the point of bookmarking photos in Instagram anymore. I wanted to test out one of Ashley’s new outfits posted to Insta of her wearing a to-die-for fall outfit in NYC.

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After having screenshotted the outfit straight off of Instagram, I uploaded the photo into the clothing app. Immediately after I was presented with four images that were distinct articles of clothing from the outfit I selected: the dress, two variations of the shoes and glasses. On the top of the page there is an option that allows you to sort the photo by four categories: price (lowest to highest), price (highest to lowest), similarity and brands.

The amazing thing about the new ScreenShop app is that anybody can use it. It gives you affordable options from Forever 21 or Ralph Lauren. Obviously if you are screenshotting an image of Kim Kardashian, her outfit might be out of our budget range. Luckily, this fashion app has taken that into account. ScreenShop makes shopping easy and a convenience. It’s perfect when you need to get inspired on what to wear to a themed party or even if you want to reinvent your wardrobe.

The Future of ScreenShop

This new fashion app is not finished inventing themselves. They are currently looking for new retailers to add to the app which will expand their already large fashion archive. The ScreenShop app is already available for IOS phones and Androids and is something I’m looking forward to implementing into my fashion routine. This new app truly kicks ass! Let’s be real, dressing like an Instagram star is going to be more obtainable than ever (not to mention Vogue has their eye on the shopping app as well). Craze’s new shopping app might take the industry by storm.

Have you tried the ScreenShop app? Let us know in the comments below.
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