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The Schitt’s Creek Facts You Didn’t Know

Schitt’s Creek has become one of the most beloved TV shows throughout 2020. With a stunning cast and an even better story, it’s hard to find a show worth binging that is better than Dan Levy’s extraordinary vision. With everything we know about the story, the cast, and its makers; here are some facts that you didn’t know, that you absolutely need to know. 

It Was A Family Affair

When seeking interest in the idea, Dan Levy turned to his Dad, Eugene Levy. The two created the production company, Not Another Production Company, to create the show and have creative freedom to produce Dan’s vision. Schitt’s Creek was produced with family in mind. 

Sarah Levy, Dan’s sister plays the role of Twyla Sands, and Eugene Levy’s brother, Fred was a producer of the show. The family has also known Catherine O’Hara for at least 4 decades, making her just as much a part of the family. 

“I Like The Wine, Not The Label”

The iconic show quote was meant to showcase how open and honest the show was trying to be without offering judgment on any sexual orientation. 

Moira’s Aesthetic Was Based On Daphne Guinness

Dan gave Catherine O’Hara the job of exploring Moira’s aesthetic. Catherine brought a photo of the Guinness Heiress as a reference photo. Dan and Moira chose to translate Daphne’s aesthetic onto television through black and white, over-the-top looks.

Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara Have Worked On Several Projects Together

These two world-renowned comedians have worked on several projects together over the last 40 years. They met when they starred in Second City Television together and went along to work with each other on Waiting For Guffman, Best In Show, and For Your Consideration. 

Annie Murphy Auditioned for The Role Of Stevie Budd And Alexis Rose

Annie Murphy originally auditioned for the role of Stevie Budd however, Dan was having such a difficult time finding the right actress for Alexis. Dan was looking for an actress that could portray the self-involved Alexis but still had a likeability that would follow Alexis throughout the show. 

Stevie Budd Was Meant To Act As An ‘Audience Fill In’

The role of Stevie was meant to act as a character that voiced what the audience was thinking and feeling. Stevie was meant to play a character that the audience can relate to and voice their opinions through, giving us a character that we can trust. 

Catherine O’Hara Used Arcane Dictionaries To Create Moira’s Dialogue

When memorizing Moira’s dialogue, Catherine O’Hara would take dictionaries with archaic words, words no one ever uses, and would change out average words for these words. Catherine is quoted saying “it’s fun to play with my dialogue a bit and accessorize with a few of those words!” 

Emily Hampshire Had Not Acted In A Year When She Got The Role of Stevie Budd

Emily Hampshire had not acted within a year, had $800 to her name, and was in the middle of a divorce when she landed the role of Stevie. She was exceptionally nervous, was breaking out in hives, and does not remember a single minute of the audition. Thankfully Dan Levy remembers it fondly and states that Emily thought that the audition went so wrong that she hid inside of her shirt. 

The Towns Location Is Perpusfully Anonymous

Dan and Eugene Levy wanted Schitt’s Creek to be all about the town of Schitts Creek and the Rose family’s story. Eugene Levy thought that if they made Schitt’s Creek in a specific country, state, or province, the focus would no longer fully be on the story. 

The Schitts Creek Bears

The Baseball team in the town where Schitt’s Creek is filmed changes their name to the Schitts Creek Bears for the entire month that the show is filming. Embracing their alter egos and showing that they are proud citizens of “Schitts Creek”. 

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Money Doesn’t Always Mean Happiness

Throughout the entire series, the Rose family learned over and over how little money actually mattered and how much other people mattered. Twyla’s character was meant to help bring the Rose family together. Imparting her unique wisdom, Twyla revealed in the final season that she had won $46 million in the lottery, showing that she chose to continue to work at the cafe, she was content in her life and money did not necessarily matter. 

There Are 150 Items on Cafe Tropicals Menu

The props department searched everywhere for a menu that was large enough to create a laugh. When this failed, they created their own, detailing out every menu item, creating a menu that would allow for the characters to order literally any item on the menu. 

Catherine (Moira) Names All Of Her Wigs

Catherine (with the help of Moira) named all of the wigs worn throughout the show and even had a spreadsheet. There is a scene where John mentions Moira’s wig spreadsheet, this is based on a spreadsheet that the props department uses to display the wigs. Some of the names include The Anna Wintour, Velma Kelly, Gray Lady, and The Bernadette Peters. Wicked Witch Chic, Goth Bob, and Cabaret Slay also make appearances throughout the show. 

Emily Hampshire Took A Prop At The End Of Shooting

At the end of filming, Emily took the stag art from behind the desk at the Rosebud Motel She now displays it in her home office stating that the sizable print takes up essentially the entire office. 

Annie Murphy Kept Up With A Popular Reality Show While Filming

Annie Murphy attributes much of Alexis’s dialogue and mannerisms to a certain popular reality series. She watched the reality show for hours to nail down and accentuate Alexis’s signature dialogue.

Schitt’s Creek is a story about the wealthy Rose family that loses everything, their jobs, home, money, and friends. The Rose family moves to the small town of Schitt’s Creek where the family can come back together with the help of new friends, new life experiences, and newfound wisdom. Throughout the story, the family learns how to care for each other while overcoming a need for wealth and tangible items, while gaining new family and friends in the process.

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