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The Safety Measures You Need To Take To Prevent COVID-19 During Back To School

The Safety Measures You Need To Take To Prevent COVID-19 During Back To School

Schooling won’t be remote forever but fears regarding students going back to school are likely to linger because of COVID-19. Parents are not only scared for their kids going to school, risking their health, they are also scared for what their child may bring home because, remember, COVID-19 can also stick to surfaces as well. And though it seems that we aren’t going to see an end to this virus, sadly at some point we will need to continue our everyday lives but with precautions. 

And though I can’t tell you to not be afraid, I can help you with tips on how to avoid catching COVID-19 during back to school. These tips are to help you avoid the virus but it’s all on you to go through with them. 

1. Wearing Masks

Many stores and institutions are requiring people to wear masks upon entering and they are allowed to turn people down if they aren’t wearing a mask. They are doing this to not only protect themselves but also to protect everyone else around them. So, during back to school, I highly advise students to wear masks. I understand that a lot of people have breathing problems and wearing a mask isn’t going to help them but they have face shields, which should help with that problem. You can still breathe and protect yourself from contracting the virus and protect other people around you. 


We don’t know if schools will provide students with masks but you should be prepared with your own mask. 

The Safety Measures You Need To Take To Prevent COVID-19 During Back To School

2. Social Distancing

Schools are most likely going to set up their classes rooms to cooperate with the social distancing protocols but it’s important for students to cooperate outside of the classroom. During lunch, before school, after school, etc., you need to be careful when it comes to interacting with your friends because you never know if they have the virus or not. Just because they have a normal temperature doesn’t mean they aren’t carrying it on their backpack, hands, clothes, etc. I believe schools should allow kids to eat lunch outside of the classroom to allow them more space to stay 6-feet-apart. 


In college and in high school, students usually wait around the classroom door for their instructor to arrive. Instead of crowding around the door, students should attempt to stay 6 feet apart from their friends. I know you want to catch up with your friends because you’re going back to school, but you’re not only imposing danger unto yourself, but you are also doing it to your friend. 

Stay. Six. Feet. Apart. 

3. Washing Hands

I like how when this virus hits, washing your hands became a “new thing”. Well, guess what, it isn’t. Make sure after EVERYTHING you do, you wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water during back to school. After lunch, using the bathroom, class, etc., make sure you are washing your hands. You can count to 20 yourself or you can sing for twenty seconds. For example, the song “Happy Birthday” is a 20-second song when you sing it twice. Or you can hum the Jeopardy theme song, yeah it’s 30 seconds but 10 more seconds wouldn’t hurt. 


But the point is to wash your hands. Make sure you get into between your fingers, nails, and the back of your hands. 

The Safety Measures You Need To Take To Prevent COVID-19 During Back To School

4. Using Hand Sanitizer

I strongly advise carrying your own hand sanitizer whether it’s a big bottle or a mini personal bottle that you can attach to anything. Don’t assume that the school will have hand sanitizer available because a lot of people will be using it and eventually it will run low. So, make sure you have your own when you go back to school. You have the squirt bottle, squeeze bottle, and the misty spray kind. 

The Safety Measures You Need To Take To Prevent COVID-19 During Back To School

5. Disinfect Every Surface

I cannot stress this word enough…

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You need to disinfect everything and every surface, which is why you need to carry disinfectant wipes in that backpack of yours. Instructors hate it when students put their backpacks on the desk and they force them to place them on the floors. I would take my wipes, use them in a certain area on the floor where I am going to put my backpack, wait thirty seconds, and place my backpack on that area. You never know if anyone is carrying the virus on their shoe or on the backpacks, so disinfecting is highly recommended. Also, disinfect the desk before putting your arms and hands on it, again, you never know. Disinfect everything you have to touch!

Not only do you have to disinfect everything at school, but you also have to disinfect everything when you come back home. Use that Lysol spray and use it to spray down your belongings from school before you set it down on any surface in your house. I know it sounds like much but you can never be too careful and this (sadly) is our new normal. 

6. Grab & Go Lunches

If you can, I recommend you bring your own lunch from home but if you can’t then that’s understandable. But you have to understand that the schools use the same trays that the other students have touched and you don’t know if they are disinfecting them, so it doesn’t hurt to be extra cautious. Bringing your own lunch is recommended but for those who can’t, again, that is understandable, I advise you to wash your hands and avoid licking your fingers after you finish your lunch. Also, apply hand sanitizer afterward. 

Some colleges don’t have to worry about it since, in college, a lot of food options are to-go. But for the ones with cafeterias, I advise students to wash their hands before and after they eat and to use hand sanitizer. 

7. Avoid Touching Your Face 

It’s crucial that you avoid touching your face because you don’t want to risk getting the virus. Just because you are washing your hands and using hand sanitizer, you don’t know if you are safe. I recommend waiting until you shower at home before touching your face. And I know it’s going to hard, but it’s to help you. 

8. Wearing Gloves *Optional*

This is strictly optional, not everyone uses these but you can choose to wear gloves if you want. At the end of the day, you can throw them away but even if you have them on, please avoid touching your face. 

These are tips on how to be safe during back to school and I hope you found this helpful. I want to know some of the ways you are planning on protecting yourself from the virus during back to school. 

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