The Rough Lesson On Binge Drinking

These Are The Best Drinking Gadgets In Existence

Binge drinking alcohol means what? What do you gain from overloading your body with alcohol? Nothing, you don’t benefit anything at all except possible death.

Red Solo Cups

The introduction to drinking is those damn red solo cups. The mystery red cup that holds everything that is drinkable inside. From water, to soda, to everyone’s favorite; alcohol of whatever brand and flavor that is desired.

For some odd reason, media has made solo red cups the face for drinking once entered into college. The demographic that drinking effects are young adults from the age of 16-25 years old.

Believe it or not, teenagers are starting to drink younger and younger now and with all these different media platforms and television shows that promote the normalization of it, we should be concerned and taking action.

Binge Drinking is not the movement, so many risks that comes with it. Be mindful and keep track of how much is being consumed.

Fresh Meat Freshman

When starting college, you want to have friends, get along with people, your goal is to not ake any enemies, in doing so you pick up habits that you usually wouldn’t partake in. So, in partaking in these activities, you develop a system of drinking socially that turns into a more frequent thing.

Peer pressure falls into that category, being freshly new on-campus idealizing the thought that drinking a lot is not too bad as long as you pace yourself or are aware of your personal limit. WRONG! Educate yourself on the effects of binge drinking and what that does to your body, it’s important.

Binge Drinking is not the movement, so many risks that comes with it. Be mindful and keep track of how much is being consumed.

Brief Sophomore Year Story

I had a roommate my Sophmore year into college, who never drank, went out, nothing. One night she decided to come out with my friends and me, and she decided to drink. I drunk as well, and later into the night I had a good amount and stopped drinking the rest of the night.

Her, on the other hand, kept going, I told her to stop and she started to ask me what is her limit and that’s when I intervene and told her to stop again and then proceeded to hide the rest of the alcohol. She started to act crazy, telling falling everywhere she couldn’t really walk.

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By the end of the night, she had to get transported to the hospital because she falls out on the lawn and was projectile vomiting. Her levels were really and even after getting released from the hospital she was still throwing up.

Educated Your Mind and Body

When you don’t educate yourself, you become misinformed, a gullible to what people tell you instead of going out to learn for your own well being. It’s not going to kill you to educate yourself about the dangers of overdrinking, the amount you’re supposed to consume within an hour, the benefit of spacing out drinks.

Please don’t be that person that doesn’t take an interest in what is being consumed and processed in your body. Don’t let others tell you otherwise, stand your ground, when you know facts, you keep yourself educated, you make proper decisions.

Don’t Let It Be Said You Died From Alcohol Poisoning

It would be a sad day if you were to die from binge drinking alcohol, or even worst end of in a coma. A lot of people die from alcohol poisoning because their body eventually shuts down and the brain no longer is receiving signals to function properly.

In some instances, you might pass death and have to get induced coma, but even that is a 50/50 chance play that you are putting on your life. Just smarten up, stay educated and make better decisions.

Binge drinking equals not a positive outcome, so if you don’t want to do anyone else a favor, do it for yourself. Make sure you stay educated, informed and slow down drinking. Leave your comments below.

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