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The Rotten Apples Website: The Major Rapist Identifier

The Rotten Apples Website: The Major Rapist Identifier

The rotten apples website is the latest search engine created to identify sexual predators. This sexual predator search engine is a game changer.

It’s safe to say the media, as of recent, have shed monumental light on sexual harassment and sexual predators. What I find to be a bit problematic about the situation, aside from the premise itself, is that we’ve been so focused on calling out those in the fashion, cooking, corporate and entertainment world that the one person running our country, who’s legally been convicted and caught countless times, hasn’t been brought to the forefront of the media’s agenda; however, I’ll save that for another time because the Rotten Apples website is the bomb.

The Rotten Apples Website

Regardless, it’s about damn time sexual harassment has been made a priority on society’s agenda. Every day new allegations are made but there is one thing I would like to stress before getting to my new favorite website; as audience members, it’s our responsibility to make sure the media doesn’t normalize discourse around this social issue. Alright, so while several men have been accused and admittedly guilty to sexual harassment allegations, there’s a new media analysis website that sheds light on all the creeps in the industry; Rotten Apples website is the new Rotten Tomatoes. The Rotten Apples website is an online search engine that filters out all sexual predators in TV shows and films.


How To Use The Rotten Apples Website

It’s nearly impossible to keep up with rape, harassment and sexual assault allegations that are headlining on the news daily but thanks to Rotten Apples, we now can. The Rotten Apples website was created to keep everyone informed about their favorite shows and movies; and boy is it eye opening. We all know the Rotten Apples website has flagged House of Cards and That 70’s Show. The Rotten Apples website uses “fresh apples” and “rotten apples” as a grading scale. Not only does the Rotten Apples website inform you about actors, but it lets you know the real deal; the directions, writers and producers involved are called out too. So no, Rotten Apples isn’t that fun card game we all love but an informative and brilliant search engine created to educate viewers on the reality of sexual misconduct in our society.

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The Perks of Rotten Apples

The best part of the Rotten Apples website is that it links to relatable news outlets that shed light on the sexual harassment and their specific case. Holy shit there’s a lot of information. Thankfully, the POTUS is called out frequently for sexual harassment on this site. Next time you plan on starting a new show or movie, check the Rotten Apples website to make sure you aren’t supporting and pocketing money into these men’s pockets. Thank you for your brilliant creation Rotten Apples and thank goodness FRIENDS pasts the test!


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