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The Realities Of Dating In The Digital Age

The Realities Of Dating In The Digital Age

The Realities Of Dating In The Digital Age

There are some harsh realities of dating in the digital age. Who hasn’t struggled with dating? Especially in this age. I’ve had my fair share of dating experiences: boyfriends, casual flings, bar romances and boys that were supposed to call but never did. Minus a few of these experiences, most of them occurred because of the internet. Today I’m sharing the realities of dating in the digital age; the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Ugly

I’m starting with the ugly, so that everything can go up from here. When thinking about my own experiences, I realized that there were two major ugly issues with digital dating:

We’ve Become More Lonely Than Ever

Let’s face the harsh reality, social media and dating apps can make us feel more isolated. Sitting on our phones for hours surfing through Instagram pictures and Tinder profiles isn’t healthy. We end up logging in more and going out less. Instead of going out and putting ourselves in natural situations to meet others, many times we rely on technology.

We’re Looking Too Hard For Perfection

Dating in the digital age has put more pressure on us to create a look of “perfection” and find the “perfect” match. Think of the last time you added a photo on your Tinder profile. Did you ask yourself these questions: “Does my body look good,” “How does my makeup look,” and “Do I look sexy but modest?” No matter what their Tinder, Twitter or Instagram looks like; nobody’s perfect.

The Realities Of Dating In The Digital Age

The Bad

Now we’re slightly rising. I’m sure anyone who has dated in the digital age can attest to these. Looking back on my experiences and my friends here are the two main bads:

Online Dating Has Made Vocabulary More Sexual

Think of the last time you’ve opened your direct messages, someone replied to your Snapchat or you opened Tinder. I would guess 6/10 times those messages are sexual. For some reason dating digitally has made the dating game more sexual. Messaging through a phone has given people more confidence to say things they would never say in person. These apps have dehumanized your potential date and turned them into a sexual object. After a while this gets old and you’d rather have a genuine conversation.

People Aren’t What They Seem

It’s hard to tell what a person is really like through a phone. While trying to achieve “perfection” people can be fake. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve met up with someone, who I’ve met on social media, and they’re entirely different IRL. They may have lied about their personality, what they look like or how they live their life. Dating in the digital age has given people more power to create a facade.

The Realities Of Dating In The Digital Age

The Good

While there are negatives to everything, there are also positives. As much as dating in the digital age is a struggle there are also some ups:

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One Out of Five Relationships Start Online

After surfing through 100 different profiles, it may seem like a lost hope. However, the reality is that one in five relationships starts online. Dating apps, online sites and social media are hubs where many successful relationships begin. Like any other type of dating, finding someone to start a relationship with takes some time.

You Meet A Larger Range Of People

Dating in the digital age allows you to meet a broader range of people. You’re able to meet people outside of your geographic region and your social group. Sometimes you’re even able to find someone who has similar interests as you. Having access to a large group of people can seem daunting at first, but it’s best to think of it as more opportunities to find someone you may click with.

Open Communication

Luckily enough, digital dating has allowed more open communication. When you’re on social media or a dating app, it’s easy to talk to someone almost 24/7. These apps helps you decide whether you actually want to meet up with them or not. This open communication enables you to get to know someone in a more relaxed setting, as long as they’re truthful.

The Realities Of Dating In The Digital Age

What do you think about dating in the digital age? Comment below!

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