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The Ranking Of The Best And Worst Pizza Places At UConn

The Ranking Of The Best And Worst Pizza Places At UConn


Coming from East Haven CT I was blessed to be surrounded by the best New Haven-style pizza, including going to Frank Pepe’s, Sally’s, and Modern in New Haven itself. By being in Storrs, it is known that nothing will compare to these originals. So, I have to make do with the pizza options available to me. That being said, I can inform you on the places NOT to go if you are in the mood for pizza, and some of the better places to get it. This is only my personal interpretation based on my experiences. If you would rather enjoy Domino’s than some of the other pizza places be my guest. I’m just a small town girl who has only had the best of New Haven-style pizza for 19 years. Keep reading for the ranking of the best and worst pizza places at UConn!

1. Northwest Dining Hall

Northwest has some of the worst crust I have ever had to eat for a pizza. The toppings are not bad, but the sauce is only slightly decent and the crust is equivalent to cardboard.

2. Blaze

Not bad for a fast-service style pizza. I can add all the italian touches to it (mostly every type of garlic possible and the ovalini mozz) to make it taste like home.



3. Husky Pizza

I really enjoy Husky Pizza. I usually pair this pizza with wings when I order, but the pizza is delicious. One of the best pizza places at UConn!

4. South Dining Hall

South reminds me of pizza you would get at a bowling alley or an arcade. Not too bad, but there are better options out there.


5. McMahon Dining Hall

McMahon’s pizza is hit or miss. It is usually pretty good, due to the pizza oven they have placed next to the pizza counter. The cheese and sauce are good as well.

6. Wooster Street Pizza

Had this at a superbowl party last year. Definitely good enough to enjoy at a party. Not the best, but tolerable when in desperate need for pizza.




7. Towers Dining Hall

Very similar to south. Good enough to get you through the night with your meal at a dining hall, but you won’t be waking out of your way to go to Towers solely for the pizza.

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8. Sgt. Pep’s

This is one place I have not tasted for myself. From what I have heard Sgt. Peps is pretty good, but you will have to be the judge of this one.


9. College Pizza

Similar to Husky Pizza. Good when you are in need of pizza late at night.

10. Domino’s

Only order this if you come from the land where this, Papa John’s, or Pizza Hut are your go-to pizza places. It’s only grease and grossness. The only reason why I ate this was because I donated blood and it was free.



What are your favorite and least favorite pizza places at UConn? Comment below and share the article!
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