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The Pros & Cons Of Transferring to a University

Transferring to a University can be one of the most stressful experiences any person can go through. However, the reward of transferring can be well worth the hassle. There are plenty of things that go into being a transfer student, so I decided to give you an article on the main pros & cons of transferring to a University!

Pro – Save Money

The easiest and most attractive pro on this list is about the money. You save so much money by going to a community college for your general educations, then just spending all four years at a university. My first two semesters of college were nearly paid off because of a scholarship I received in high school. If I went to a University instead, I would have ended up still paying for my first semester, so that speaks for itself. Heads up though, you will face transfer fees which will vary depending on your school, make sure to research so you are ready to be robbed!

Con – Teachers Will Forget What Grade You’re In!

The worst part of transferring to a university in my opinion is that teachers will forget what grade you are in! I got got exactly this way. I technically should have been able to graduate this semester, but my teacher did not know that I had as many credits as I did. Because of that, I am unable to take a certain class until next semester. So now I have to come back for one extra semester to take one single class. Not to mention constantly being forgotten by teachers when they are telling the upperclassmen important information. So yeah, my suggestion to you is to make sure every professor that needs to know what grade you are in, does know. Make sure they remember you are a transfer student by reminding them every day or you will end up like me.

Pro – The Full College Experience

If you are transferring, you more than likely are coming from a community college. One of the best parts of transferring to a University is getting that genuine full college experience. Getting the chance to live on campus is one of the best parts of college life, and when you add all the campus resources that are offered with the price of tuition, you have all the tools to advance your knowledge.

Con – Hard To Fit In

This one may not be a con to some, but I do believe that fitting in could be a big deal to someone living on campus. Of course, you are there to learn and you should remember that. But in that same breathe, coming in halfway through the year makes you feel like it is hard to fit in. Everyone else has known each other for years, so you may feel excluded from others in your first few weeks. The best advice is to know that everyone feels like that when they are moving in. You will find people to talk to in time, just focus on your work and you will make friends soon enough.

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Pro – Growth

Changing to a University will give you another education style which will broaden your horizons. You have another whole teaching style, which will give you new perspectives, as well as extremely useful mentors. My two schools had vastly different vibes, which works in my favor because some things I learned twice in two different ways.

Con – Equivalency

Another major con that is almost sure to get you is the infamous issue of equivalency. Different schools have different rules for what you need to graduate, and this is another one I learned the hard way. My community college required two sciences for my Associate degree, so I took Geology 1 and 2. However, when I transferred to Central State University, they told me I would have to redo a science. That was because Central State required two sciences as well, but they needed to be in separate areas. I took a class at Sinclair for no reason. That is why if you have a specific school you want to transfer to, MAKE SURE to stay up to date with their credit requirements. They also change constantly, so check back every semester just in case.

Pro – No Freshman Seminars

Chances are, you won’t transfer in as a freshman. This offers one of the best parts of transferring to a University. Being able to skip freshman seminars and other classes they force freshmen to take is a blessing. A majority of those classes are legitimate time-wasters from what I have heard, so being able to skip them is an added plus. That is unless you go to a University which does first semester seminars as opposed to freshman seminars. In that case, ignore this entire pro. I probably should have said that at the beginning but I needed the extra time spent on this page to boost my numbers…

Con – Deadlines

This one is last because it is detrimental to your ability to transfer. Before you ever even begin going to class, you will need to have what seems like an infinite amount of forms and papers to fill out. Not to mention, needing certain forms on a moment’s notice. Most Universities have strict deadlines for these as well with little to no leeway. Make sure you know EVERY due date before the transfer process. Also keep a copy of every form you are given, in case the registrar loses them, which happens way more often than you would think.

Transferring to a University is hard work in itself, but it is well worth it in the end. Not only the experience, but the diploma you get at the end will make it all worthwhile. Just do not give up and keep pushing through. When you walk across that stage (or have your name read over Zoom if COVID never goes away) you will remember the hard work that went into it. Did we forget any pros or cons? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below!

Coby Cook

Senior at Central State University. Major in Broadcast Media!

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