The Problem with the College Hookup Culture

I was going to begin writing this blog explaining all of the many reasons why remaining single freshman year of college is the best decision someone could ever make. But as I was sitting making the list, I realized this isn’t something you should just do your freshman year, but for all four years of college. Because the reality is: we millennials suck at relationships and need more help than Dr. Phil could ever give us.

This is what's wrong with our generation!

Dating has become extinct.

Dating in this generation makes me angry for multiple reasons. Number one being that we live in this so called “hookup culture.” A generation where dating has essentially become extinct. Instead we are getting asked if we want to “Netflix and chill.” Uh, no thanks. At a first glance, you may assume I’m the stereotypical “blonde, ditzy sorority girl,” not exactly the smartest crayon in the box, but I can guarantee you I won’t be falling for any of those tricks.

This is what's wrong with our generation!

Breakups are on the rise.

We get so hungry for this idea of love that we mistake lust for love, and begin to accept anything we can get. This is why we are seeing divorces, affairs, and breakups happening more than ever because of this messed up hookup culture we have created. Let’s face it, dating takes a lot of work while sex has become easier to get than fries from the drive thru. Oh, and how could I forget the “talking phase,” which has taken over colleges. You go out with a guy a few times and instead of calling it a relationship, you refer to it as “talking.” This is the less exclusive option, and easy way out of commitment. But if we continue to take the easy way out, how long will we keep searching until we give up and realize there is no one left?

This is what's wrong with our culture.

We’ve lost romance.

This is another problem with our generation. It’s so hard to believe you’ve found your soulmate when their sign of affection is liking your latest social media post. No, this is not the way love was meant to be me. For me, it’s hard to think that in a world of over seven billion people, there is still “the one” out there for me. To me, waiting for “the one” is like a crop waiting for the rainstorm to come…during the hot summer…in the middle of a drought.

This is what's wrong with our culture.

Now obviously every love story isn’t devised by Disney, and I know that my expectations are sky high. People have told me I’m going to end up alone and they are probably right. But for now, I’m going to stick to being single and fabulous. Because with Netflix and wine, I know I’ll always be fine.

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