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The Prettiest DIY Soaps Ever

Hopping into the shower can be a truly luxurious experience, especially if you have the right soaps, body wash, and shower gels. To add to that experience, why not try your hand at some luxurious and beautiful DIY soaps? 

At times, you might feel bored using the same soap every day. If you have come to feel this way, it’s time to expand your knowledge of soaps, their effectiveness and just how they might be able to help you and benefit you for the purpose you desire. Perhaps you have super sensitive skin, dry skin, greasy skin or similar, and the same old store-bought soaps just aren’t cutting it anymore (no pun intended, of course). 

Not only can DIY soaps be a fun project for you, but they are extremely beneficial to your health as you will be aware of exactly what ingredients are going into the soaps. No nasties here! Or, perhaps you’d like to make some soaps that will become great gifts for your loved ones! Handmade soaps are extremely personal and can be great gift ideas during the holidays. So get your hands nice and clean with these extremely satisfying and downright beautiful DIY soaps. 

1. Milk and Honey Soap

Milk and honey are like a strange match made in heaven. With a cup of warm milk, stir in a teaspoon of honey, and the two create this magical concoction that leaves a sweet sensation dancing on your tongue. 

Made in just ten minutes (I know—I can’t believe it either), this gorgeous DIY milk and honey soap from Happiness is Homemade thrives with amazing benefits for the skin. The recipe also uses goat’s milk, which is great for people with sensitive skin. This soap is soothing, clarifying, moisturizing and smells absolutely divine. 

Find out how to make it here:

2. Floral Soap Bars

The reason we love soap, and moreover DIY soap, is because they can essentially be dressed up or dressed down as much as we want. They can be picture perfect and have the most beautiful appearance if we really put that effort in. 

And with these DIY floral soap bars from Handmade Weekly, numerous and various amounts of dried flowers can be used to prettify your everyday soap. With a goat’s milk soap base, essential oil and dried flowers of your choice, depending on the benefits and scents you desire, these are just stunning. 

Find out how to make it here:

3. Banana and Cream Soap

These are so visually pleasing—I am absolutely lost for words. The great thing about novelty soaps, or handmade soaps is that they can be altered and tailored to look and feel a certain way. And for this gorgeous banana and creamy soap from Tweak and Tinker, this soap looks exactly like a banana cake or bread with some cream frosting topped on top. 

Bananas actually carry a lot of moisturizing properties and are wonderful for producing a rich lather. To further add to this intense moisturizing sensation, heavy cream is used. 

Find out how to make it here:

4. Herb Garden Soap

All natural, free from palm oil, beautifully scented and exquisitely decorated, this herbal garden soap recipe from Lovely Greens is the perfect natural DIY soap you can make right at home. 

With a combination of calendula oil, lavender essential oil as well as dried lavender and crushed peppermint, it’s no wonder why this herb garden soap smells so divine and exceptionally like a garden. This soap brilliantly awakens the senses while also being soft and feminine. 

Find out how to make it here: 

5. Swirled Rose Soap

Using the ‘in-the-pot’ swirl technique, it’s no wonder this DIY swirled rose soap from the Soap Queen is immediately attractive to the eye. This technique is extremely beautiful and it means that no two soap bars will look exactly the same, each uniquely different from the other but equally stunning to look at. 

This swirled rose soap has an extremely familiar scent with a modern technique. Pink rose petals are sprinkled on top to add to the beautiful appearance of these gorgeous soap bars.

Find out how to make it here: 

6. Rosewater and Pink Clay Soap

In the last few years, pink clay has become a somewhat craze, especially within the Instagram and social media world. Notably, pink clay has been proven and shown to have wonderful effects on the skin—it immensely cleanses the skin and detoxifies skin impurities. 

Normally, we have been exposed to pink clay in face masks, however, with this gorgeous DIY rose water and pink clay soap from Hello Glow, you’ll be in pink heaven. Additionally, this soap can be used as both a body or face soap, depending on where your interests lie for the benefits!

Find out how to make it here: 

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7. Watermelon Soap

The watermelon has a divine scent —it easily reminds us of summertime, cracking open a rock hard watermelon and eating the juicy watermelon pieces straight from the source. And you can easily recreate that beautiful sensation and use this almost lifelike DIY watermelon soap from Soap Queen. 

Use this soap in the summer for a refreshing feel, or make this as a homemade gift idea. Trust me, your friends will probably be confused as to whether they can eat this soap or not! It’s too lifelike to pass up!

Find out how to make it here: 

8. Calamine Soap

This is an absolutely mesmerizing shade of pastel pink, and honestly, I’m quite awestruck. This DIY calamine soap from Hello Glow, however, is not only absolutely gorgeous to look at; it is intensely moisturizing and is excellent for healing skin irritation. 

This soap is optimal for use during the drier, colder months when your skin becomes super irritable due to the dry air, and takes care of cracks, hot spots, and flakes within troubled skin. 

Find out how to make it here: 

9. Grapefruit Mint Poppyseed Soap

These are all ingredients I can totally get on board with. I adore grapefruit for the gorgeous colour it brings to my favourite drinks, I love mint for the scent, and I am always tempted by an extremely spongey soft orange and poppyseed cake. 

Now we combine the three of these gorgeous ingredients to make an equally beautiful soap bar, that is this grapefruit mint and poppyseed soap from A Beautiful Mess. This soap carries the benefits of exfoliation from the poppyseeds, goat’s milk for moisture, and grapefruit oil, which is excellent for balancing the skin. This is absolute heaven in a soap bar. 

Find out how to make it here: 

What’s your favourite scent in your soaps? Let us know in the comments down below!

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