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The Power And Versatility Of Denim

The Power And Versatility Of Denim

Legitimately, when you think about, few things are so deeply ingrown into human culture as denim.

That makes perfect sense, though. There are few materials that are as versatile, as classic, and so independent of occasion as denim. I’ll elaborate on what I mean by that later.

Still, it is almost impossible to find people who don’t have any denim items in their closet, whatever those items may be. I’m saying almost impossible because I’m properly sure some people make it a big point to not own any denim; besides, the Amish, apparently, exist (as a non-American this was a shock to me, my apologies), so I doubt they wear denim often.


Still, everyone I know has at least one denim item – at least one pair of jeans, or a jean jacket, or something else, it doesn’t matter. Most have several. I personally have, as embarrassing as it is to admit, four pairs of jeans, a pair of jean shorts, three jean jackets and three denim blouses. (No, that’s not even 10% of my closet, I don’t only own jeans. I’m just a bit of a shopoholic, don’t mind me.)

But why is denim so, so big? Let’s delve into it.


Denim items can be made to most models – there are well over ten different existing jean trousers models that all fit differently; there are numerous types of jean jackets and blouses, of different thickness and fits; these days, denim items can be of any colour (as such one of my pairs of jeans is bright pink – the mom jeans, actually), of any length, with any amount of tears, no tears at all, yada yada yada.


Overall, the main point is, anybody can find a pair of jeans to their liking. I want to think that that’s a fact.


Jeans, having that many different models, colours and cuts available on today’s market, are sure to be able to compliment any body type, and can be fit to highlight whatever part of your body that you wish to highlight.


In addition to that, they work in numerous styles – be your closet mostly retro-esque, minimalistic, futuristic, cowboy-ish, disco-ish or literally any other style in the world.

It works. It just does.

Well-fitting [2], reprise

To top it off, you can combine jeans with anything to make them work. A denim skirt with a satin strappy top? Adorable. A pair of denim high-waisted jeans with a crop-top? Heck yeah. Denim mom jeans with a Madonna t-shirt and a pink overcoat? Fabulous. (Yes, I did just use one of my own fits as an example. I’m admittedly proud of my fashion sense, thank you very much.) It can even work with itself.


That makes denim fit with any kinds of accessories, regardless whether we’re talking about jewelry, bags and shoes, or different tops. Pop off, kings, queens and non-binary royalty. Feel free.

Easily maintained

The more we live and develop as a society, the easier it becomes to take care of your denim items. I remember when I was a kid it was kind of a nightmare, and more often than not my jeans would shrink to hell in the wash. These days, not only has denim fabric become somehow more adaptable and elastic, but the detergents have also become more caring and nice.


Easily obtained

To find good jeans, regardless of what kind of a model, fabric thickness, colour and brand, all you have to do is go to the vicinity of any shopping area. Guaranteed, 90% of the stores – excluding beauty, lingerie and accessory retailers – will sell denim, and in numerous variations at that.

Sizes and types have long stopped being an issue.


Cheaply obtained

In addition, while it is very easy to splurge and buy some unbelievably expensive jeans if you wish to, it is also incredibly easy to find relatively cheap yet still good denim items in everybody’s favourite stores like Zara, Topshop, H&M and others.

However, don’t let that fool you. The most expensive pair of jeans I managed to find while scouting through Levi’s website a few minutes ago – and Levi’s is a very well-respected denim brand – would cost you $298.00 

Is that expensive? God, yes. But most of them were around $60 for fantastic quality, and even cheaper on discount. That’s an Anastasia Beverly Hills palette, you know, except it’s a very good clothing item that will last you for years


Comfortable as hell

Denim can be uncomfortable, but usually it happens in the case when the wearer doesn’t pay attention to what they’re buying. There’s a few tips to that.

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Tip #1: Always try jeans on. It’s vital. A lot of brands tend to go way off-track with their sizes and fabrics.


Tip #2: Never buy them too small. Yes, that’ll make you look slimmer. That will also make your jeans self-destruct in a couple of months, and will make it impossible for you to sit the first couple of hours after you put them on.

Tip #3: Look into different fits. Some people feel more comfortable in jeggings. Some – in mom jeans. It depends, honestly.


Always in trend, somehow

Obviously trends change, regularly. Denim doesn’t avoid that – one week it’s denim jackets with elaborate prints that are in trend; next week bootcut jeans come back (ugh).

Regardless, you really can’t go wrong with denim, as long as you put just minimal thought into your outfits, and as long as you don’t pull a Britney x Justin, I promise.

Please, I beg you, though – let’s leave denim bags and shoes in the early 2000s. That’s all I ask. Otherwise, I adore denim.



Denim is iconic, having been a giant part of cinematic culture for a while. In addition, its historical association with cowboys only helped endorse it’s importance in the world’s cultural capital.

Grease (1978), Back To The Future (1985), The Breakfast Club (1985), Dirty Dancing (1987).
All of these movies are iconic. And everywhere you see denim. It’s just a fact.


Do you love denim? Do you own a lot of denim items? What’s your favourite style? Come discuss all of that with me in the comments below!

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