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The 20 Popular Popsicles We All Enjoyed As A Kid

The 20 Popular Popsicles We All Enjoyed As A Kid

We all had a popular popsicle we would keep going back to when the ice cream truck came around. Here are the popular popsicle lists we think you'll enjoy.
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Since it’s the first day of Fall, it’s only appropriate to take a walk down memory lane and remember our favorite popular popsicles we used to enjoy as kids. There was nothing better than playing in the park and then heading over to the ice cream truck with the ‘rents. These are childhood staples. Here’s the run down on the popular popsicle list.

1. Spongebob, Powerpuff Girls, Ninja Turtles, Scooby Doo, Sonic, Pink Panther & Tweety

L-O-L theseĀ never came out looking like they were supposed to but we still loved them anyways. Can’t lie, always felt bad for poor Bubbles and Tweety.

2. Choco Taco

3. Firecracker

My parents would be furious when I’d come back with red lips and sticky hands. Not my fault these things always melted so fast.


4. Big Sundae Cups

Lived for that wooden spoon!

5. Crunch Bar

6. Creamsicle

A low-class version of the Fudgesicle. Don’t get what the hype was about this one.


7. Neopolitan Sandwich

Winner! Especially when the sandwich part would get stuck on your fingers.

8. Snow Cone

9. Push-Up Pop

Oddly satisfying.


10. Candy Center Crunch Bar

Crunch bar with a bonus.

11. Snickers Ice Cream Bar

So good.


12. Drumstick

You can’t eat this without having a pile of nuts in your lap after you finish eating this.

13. Fudgesicle

At camp we would give away our best circle-cards to have our friends give us there Fudgesicles at dessert #CampVega


14. O.G Ice Cream Sandwich

These were no joke. Amazing. Yes. the cookie got stuck to your fingers here too.

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15. Strawberry Shortcake

These were always so beautiful.

16. Chipwich

17. Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich

To die for.


18. Klondike Bar

My dad would hide these in the freezer. No joke.

19. Lick A Color Popsicle

Lol, kinda funny now.


20. Cotton Candy Swirl