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The Poor Man’s Guide To Saving Money During Spring Break

The Poor Man’s Guide To Saving Money During Spring Break

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Spring break can be fun, but it can also exhaust your entire bank account. Instead of spending every dime, discover way how you can wisely save money during this spring break.

1. Pick up more hours at work

Looking for the easiest way to save money during spring break? Well, if you have a part time job and doing absolutely nothing for spring break, why not use it to your advantage and pick up a few shifts? Your wallet will thank you later, and you will have extra cash you can later use to treat yourself.

2. Hang out with friends

Sometimes you are so broke you have zero spring break plans. Yes, it could be a sad, sad cruel world. But your financial situation should not stop you from having fun. If you find yourself stuck in your hometown, try to meet up with old friends. You do not have to spend too much of your pocket money. You guys can always watch a movie, get a quick bite to eat, or even go on a hiking adventure and enjoy the great outdoors (it is free).


3. Avoid Drinking and Eating Out

We know, we know. It is beyond tempting to overboard with buying drinks and food during your spring break trip. When you are traveling, you want to go all out and have fun, but if you have money constraints, you do not want land home miserable. Try to limit yourself on ordering out and buying drinks and manage your money (and food/alcohol intake) wisely. Everything is better in moderation, and you won’t wake up with a crushing hangover or stomach ache. And even better – you will save money during spring break!

4. Avoid Splurging

When you are traveling, you are tempted to pick up a few souvenirs at a little gift shop, or go overboard with spending. Think before pulling the wallet out and try not to spend your money on anything frivolous. And remember that it is better to overpack than underpack. This will prevent you from having to buy something because you merely forgot it at home.

5. Stick to a budget

When planning a trip, always make a spreadsheet of your budget and expenses. Write down exactly how much you have to pay for your hotel, traveling expenses, and estimate how much you will be spending on food and drinks. By sticking to a budget, you are less likely to find yourself with empty pockets.

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6. Go on Groupon

Before planning your trip out, check for any deals or packages on Groupon. You may be surprised about how much you can save money during spring break you can save in one click. Even if you are not going anywhere and trapped in your dreary hometown, check out Groupon and you might find deals on something sweet, from nail salons to indoor rock climbing.

7. Book Early

If you already have your spring break plans set, book your flight in advance. For domestic flights, try to book six weeks in advance and for international flights, it is best to book six months in advance for the best deals. Also, use Google Flights to compare flight prices and see what airline you can book for the best price. By planning your travel wisely, you will surely save money during spring break.


8. Choose an Unique Destination

Flight prices for tropical and typical spring break destinations like Cancun can be much more pricer than flights for destinations such as San Diego. Instead of choosing a “basic” spring break destination, be unique and choose an outlandish destination such as Austin, TX, or even Iceland! You can hundreds of dollars by booking a cheap flight as well as go to a destination that is unique and much more interesting than a typical beach. You will have much more riveting stories to tell!

Do you have any tips about saving money this spring break? Leave a comment below!
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