The Physical Changes You Can Make To Get Over A Breakup

Now believe it or not, but there seems to be a common occurrence when it comes to getting over an ex, and that’s change. Nothing makes a girl feel more over her ex and ready to start a new chapter than changing up her look and investing in a new identity. So, if you’re trying to get over a breakup, why don’t you try a few of these things.

1. Get a haircut

This can be a big step for women, especially those who have been lovingly growing their hair for years to get those perfect Rapunzel locks. But ladies, short hair is all in and nothing feels more refreshing than a new haircut. Whether it’s just a trim, adding layers, finally cutting in those gangs you’ve always wanted or shaving it all, it’s bound to take the weight off your shoulders and make you feel like a new woman.

2. Invest in some hair dye

If you love the length of your hair, then leave it be. But have you ever considered dying your hair? Did you once dream of having a bold look to match that bubbly personality? Then now is the time. A new hair colour can make you look and feel like a new person, so when you’re hopelessly scrolling through old pictures of you and your ex, at least you can have faith that that’s not who you are anymore. You’re a new, braver and stronger woman with a hair colour to match it.

3. Go for a spray tan

Now I know some women would die without having their weekly fix of tan. And if you’ve always turned up your nose at the idea why don’t you give it a try. Most ladies swear it makes them feel amazing on the inside and outside, so if you need picking back up after a breakup, maybe this will be the perfect solution to reinvigorating your confidence.

4. Mix up your wardrobe

I know that I love nothing more than a day out shopping or a night in on the sofa scrolling through ASOS, and you know what they say to get over a breakup, out with the old and in with the new…clothes! So, get out there and get shopping! Buy those heeled boots your boyfriend never liked and refresh your old wardrobe till you’ve never felt better.

5. Get a piercing

Piercings can definitely be daunting and seen as pretty scary experiences, but shopping for cute new pieces of jewellery to bling up your new piercing can be pretty exciting. And if it does hurt, at least your mind will be on the pain and not your ex for a while. The most on trend piercings at the moment are nose piercings, helix piercings and getting your seconds on your lobe. So, choose one and get yourself down the closest piercing parlour.

6. Tattoo

If you’ve always wanted a tattoo then now is the time to get one, trust me! My first boyfriend would never let me get a tattoo, so I couldn’t wait to get to the tattoo studio after our breakup. This is your chance to think about what really matters to you and invest in a piece of art especially to celebrate your passions. Nothing makes you feel more confident than showing off your newest tattoo to everyone.

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7. Paint your nails

A lot of the options above may sound quite scary and daunting, so if you want a small change for now, why don’t you head down to the nail parlour with a friend and get a new set of acrylics. Even the smallest of things can make you feel better after a breakup, and getting your nails done is sure to boost your confidence ready for the days to come.

8. Buy a new lipstick

If you’re looking for a cheaper fix to get over a breakup, why not hit up the closest beauty counter and pick up a new bold lip colour. Fancy hitting the town with a bold red lip? Then do it! There’s nothing holding you back now.

What do you do physically to get over a breakup? Let us know in the comments.

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Hope Meredith

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