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The Perks Of Not Being In A Sexual Relationship

You read that right! There are perks to not being in sexual relationships, or friends with benefits, as its often referred to. And this goes for all types of romantic relationships, that many young people seem so convinced they should have. Being your own, single person, at this time in your life is incredibly important. Here are some benefits to not being in a sexual relationship, that you might be relieved to experience, when you’re feeling like you’re doing something wrong.

1. No Shaving

No need to shave the legs, underarms or wax the bikini area, unless you so desire. I think many of us feel great satisfaction in not having to shave, because we know, nobody will be seeing us naked. But of course if you wish to, you’re more than welcome to do what you want to make you feel your best!

2. No Questioning Your Relationship Status

There is no need to question your relationship status when there is no potential relationship to question. These conversations can lead to the awkward and dreaded, “what are we?” debates, that leave many young people unfilled, lonely or exhausted with their partners. One of the major issues surrounding “friends with benefit” types of arrangements is the development of feelings, from usually one party only, and not having those feelings reciprocated can result in heartbreak. But it is the unfortunate norm for this generation to keep options open, whilst not being committed to just one person.

3. You Can Do It Yourself

Not having a sexual partner is not the end for you in ways of pleasure because you can always do it yourself! Of course one of the benefits we see to being in a sexual relationship is intimacy with another person, having that connection or bond, and while you might not get that with yourself, you can still achieve an orgasm without another person having to be involved. Additioanlly, for many people, especially women, for a variety of reasons that may struggle to achieve orgasm during sex and find it easier to do on their own.  Even better yet, when you do it yourself in your own private time, your free of feeling awkward, or potentially being judged by a partner. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about the point mentioned above; falling in love with someone who doesn’t love you.

4. Eat Whatever You Want

One perk many might see to not being in a sexual relationship is wanting to eat whatever the eff you want, because no one will see you naked. This goes along with the no shaving thing too. Again it’s totally acceptable to take care of yourself, and be healthy, fit and (well hairless if you so desire), because if that’s what makes you the happiest-go for it! But for many, they feel the need to change certain habits, because they are with someone. Not being in a romantic partnership, can put many at ease about their appearance and their bodies, if they often felt self-conscious having someone see them in such an intimate way.

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5. Not Being Embarrassed By Your Period

We can’t talk about sex without talking about periods. Period sex is its own discussion entirely, and its something that is a preference for women, men, and couples to decide what works best for them. But the great thing about not having sex is that you can have your period in peace: you don’t have to announce to anyone it’s happening, and can simply let it happen. No embarrassment and no mess.

6. No Unwanted Pregnancy Scares

For many young people who find themselves in non-monogamous, non-committed sexual relationships, with a person they don’t or didn’t intend to be with, its made complicated when a pregnancy or pregnancy scare arises. For young women in college, the last thing you want to worry about is motherhood, while you’re trying to get your degree. And it can surely lessen anxiety, that if you’re not having sex regularly, you won’t be having pregnancy scares either.  It’s a win, win!

With the pressure many young people face to be in some type of relationship, many should take relief in knowing it’s not a necessity to be happy. What are some other perks to not being in a sexual relationship that you can think of? Comment below!

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