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The Perfect Sweaters To Wear For Winter

The weather is getting colder and with that comes a new wardrobe. If you’re looking for a new way to style yourself this season why not get a comfy sweater. There are so many different kinds of sweaters that you are bound to find the look that is just right for you. 

Off The Shoulder Sweater

This sweater is great for a comfy day at home. The off the shoulder sweater look is really flattering on any body type because it’s a really cozy way to feel sexy at home. You can wear the off the shoulder sweater with a cute lacy bralette and some sweatpants. If you want to wear this lookout then try wearing it tucked into some high waisted jeans. 

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Printed Sweater

If you’re going out a really cute look to go for is a printed sweater. Since there are so many different kinds of printed sweaters it won’t be hard to find a style that works perfectly for you. You can get one in theme for the holidays or find a print that better fits your aesthetic. There are a lot of different kinds of printed sweaters that are just fun to wear. 

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Plaid Cardigan Sweater

If you are someone that doesn’t like a closed sweater then why not get a cardigan to go with a plain shirt. Plaid cardigan sweaters are easy to find and even easier to wear. Pair this cardigan with a plain shirt and jeans and some black boots. This is great if you are going for an edgier look while still wanting to feel cozy. You can throw it on any plain outfit and it will make it pop. 

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V-Neck Sweater

This sweater is just for a casual day out. A v-neck sweater comes in a lot of different colors and styles. You can get a deep v-neck or a high v-neck, whichever style of v-neck is more comfortable for you. A really nice outfit to wear with a v-neck sweater is if you get one with a deep v-neck you can wear a basic colored turtleneck underneath it. 

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Puffy Turtleneck Sweater

Since the oversized look is super in right now a puffy turtleneck is a great sweater to wear for the wintertime. It’s super cute and perfect for a casual day out. You could even wear it for a nice dinner party! Pair this look with some high waisted jeans and some sneakers for a casual look. 

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Tight-Fitting Sweater

I think everyone should own a tight-fitting sweater because it’s a great piece to have that goes with anything. You can get a tight-fitting cardigan that you can wear with a sweater vest over top or you could even get a basic tight-fitting sweater that goes with some printed pants. 

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Oversized Sweater

As I said the oversized sweater look is super in right now so I think everyone should look into getting a big and cozy knit sweater. You can easily pair these with a button-up shirt with the collar sticking out. You could even wear a belt over the sweater for a cinched look. Sometimes if the sweater is big enough I’ll wear it by itself as a sweater dress for a nice casual going-out look. It’s really comfortable and always gives the body a nice figure.

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Wide Turtleneck Sweater

This is a really unique look that will make you stand out amongst friends. The wide neck for this big turtleneck is really cozy and it’s like a built-in scarf. It’ll keep you protected from the cold and also have you looking stylish. 

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Crew Neck Sweater

This sweater is a super basic look that everyone probably owns. It’s really easy to pair with matching sweatpants and it’s comfortable for lounging around at home. It’s also great for going out and running errands. If you want to make this sweater look a little more business casual wear some dress pants and a nice button-up shirt underneath with the collar sticking out. 

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Athletic Sweater

If you have a daily workout routine then invest in an athletic sweater. It’s great to have a sweater for working out because it will induce sweat that will help out for your workout. It’s also really comfy to wear for a casual day out. 

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Cropped Cardigan Sweater

A simple look to wear for the wintertime is a cropped cardigan with a basic shirt and jeans. Cropped cardigans are easy to find at any retail store and come in different colors and prints that you can find ones that match any look you are going for.

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See Also

Multi Printed Sweater

This sweater is similar to the printed sweater but is a little more unique. You can get different multi printed sweaters like patchwork style. 

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Puffy Sleeve Sweater

I love wearing puffy sleeved sweaters for fancy occasions. These sweaters are really good for a holiday party or a work event because they are nice to wear for a more business casual look.

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Striped Sweater

Really easy and probably a sweater we all have at home. Any colored striped sweater is always a great look to wear for any attire. It’s a classic kind of sweater that is a staple in most people’s wardrobe.

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Flap Cardigan Sweater

This is a really cute style of cardigan where it is just open with a flap. You can fold over the sides for a closed look. This cardigan is more of a vintage style that is really cute for a casual look.

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Fuzzy Colorful Sweater

This sweater is great for a more fun outfit. Big fuzzy weather is super colorful and special. You can find them for a holiday party or a fun night out with friends during the winter. 

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Which of these sweaters are you going to try out this winter? Do you already have some of these sweaters? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to share with your friends so they know what sweater to wear for the winter season.

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