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The Perfect Sorority Canvas Ideas You Have To Try

The Perfect Sorority Canvas Ideas You Have To Try

Sorority sisters unite because this list is just for you and your sisters to enjoy. If you are new to a sorority, or you’re graduating this year and leaving your house for the next big thing, then you’re probably thinking about making a sorority canvas for your sisters, either to say hello or for a final goodbye gift. Sorority canvas’ can be a great way to express your feelings of gratitude, showcase your friendship and show you care. If you’re stuck thinking about which sorority canvas you should create with then here is a list of some fun sorority canvas ideas you should try out.

Make it Personal

If you’re trying to make the perfect sorority canvas for your sisters, then make it about your sisters. You have known these women for years now so you have a full library of facts about them sitting in your brain waiting to be used. You know their favorite color, flowers, shapes, birthstone, and friends character, so use all that knowledge you have of them to create a personal canvas. If you’re a new member who doesn’t know anything about your new sisters then this is the perfect opportunity to learn more! Ask them questions about their life, hobbies, and goals. This way not only are you making the perfect sorority canvas, but you are also learning more about the people who will become your new family. Once you have all your facts and stats on your sisters it will be time to start making the canvas. Try using their favorite color as the base and add in the little details as you go. Try not to overpower the canvas with big ideas, that will make it look tacky. Keep it simple, almost as if you’re Taylor Swift trying to hide Easter eggs in a butterfly mural.

The Perfect Sorority Canvas Ideas You Have To Try

Find a Theme

Your prom, calendar, and even your Instagram has a theme, so why can’t your sorority canvas? There are so many themes to pick from and different directions you can take each theme that you can glide right past that creative roadblock you’ve been having. Space, under the sea, music, Hawaiian, Harry Potter or maybe even scream queens. Once you pick a theme creating your sorority canvas will be easy sailing. If your theme is under the sea, try putting real sea shells on the canvas, or if it’s space theme stick some sparkly star stickers on your canvas. By adding real elements of your theme onto your canvas you are saying goodbye to boring sorority canvas’ and hello to a gift your sisters will remember forever. Try not to go for a theme that won’t be popular in a few years though, if it seems like a flash in the pan it isn’t a good theme, this means no pizza rat canvases. Keep it classic and classy just like your sorority sisters, they will appreciate your effort and acknowledge your creativity.

The Perfect Sorority Canvas Ideas You Have To Try

Inside Jokes

You and your sisters share a ton of memories, some are sad but most are happy and filled with laughter. As you read this you may even start thinking about a funny memory that was so funny you’re about to start laughing right now. I’ll give you a minute to stop laughing, write down the memory and then continue reading this article. The reason you need to write the memory down is that you should use that memory to make the perfect sorority canvas for the sister who shares that memory with you. Inside jokes are what takes you from being friends to being best friends. Not only are inside jokes a lot of fun, but they are also sentimental and personal, the perfect ingredients for a great sorority canvas. You can remind your sister of this inside joke through tons of little details on your sorority canvas. Maybe it is a sticker from the cony island ride you two rode together or the word that’s in the punchline of the joke you’re thinking of, it also could be the secret ingredient in your favorite drink. By adding little pieces and hidden clues to your sorority canvas you will turn your thoughtful gift that everyone will love, but also a hidden joke for you and your sister.

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The Perfect Sorority Canvas Ideas You Have To Try

Pop Culture References

Why did you choose to join a sorority? Was it to make life long friends, live in a cool house, or did you watch a lot of college movies in the 90s and you have been dreaming of your perfect sorority moment ever since? Are you waiting to have your Sydney White moment, where you take down the mean girls and get to wear a sparkly dress? Although joining a real sorority may be nothing like Neighbours 2, mostly because there will be no Zac Effron hanging around your house, but that doesn’t mean your pop culture references will go to waste. Break out your old DVD’s, or maybe even your VHS’s depending on what year your movie of choice is from because they’re going to come in handy while making your sorority canvas. You will be using those pop culture references to good use because they are going to turn your sorority canvas from fine to amazing! Although it might seem a little silly to put movie quotes or a picture of Emma Roberts, (Scream Queen star) on your sorority canvas, it can a great way to make your sorority canvas stand out. New sorority members will love this sorority canvas idea because they may not know any sisters yet and this will be a great way to introduce them to the sorority. If you’re new to the sorority then you get to introduce yourself to your new sisters through this canvas.

The Perfect Sorority Canvas Ideas You Have To Try

Don’t stress about which sorority canvas ideas you’re going to use to make your sorority canvas perfect. Keep it personal, have fun with it and remember that your sisters love you for you, and will adore anything you create for them. What are some sorority canvas ideas you have? Comment below!

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