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The Perfect Pamper Night To Spend With Yourself

Many of us forget that taking care of ourselves is important and needs to be done regularly. If you look better on the outside I can guarantee you will feel better on the inside. Carve out a night just for yourself, and gather up some of the following goodies, because a pamper night just for yourself is calling!

Movies & Tv Shows

If your Netflix list has been getting a little out of hand, tonight is the night to start carving away at it. Or if you want a trip down memory lane, throw it back to the classics. You can never go wrong with Titanic or The Notebook. If you really want to challenge yourself try and binge watch a brand new show. This is a particularly good way to help your mind escape, especially if you have a lot on your mind and need a little help to relax. Movies and Tv shows are an absolute staple for any night in!


Had a tense week at the office? Draw yourself a nice hot bath! Light some candles and pick out a bath bomb or your favorite bubble bath, and wait to feel your tension melt away. If you get a little bored soaking in the tub, bring a laptop with you and watch a movie. This is a sure fire way to keep you put for a while. Including essential oils such as lavender, in the bath can help relax your mind. This is an important step to help you end your night with the restful night’s sleep.

Hair Masks

If your hair is also in need of attention, consider a hair mask. An important part of a pamper night is to treat yourself, especially if its something that you usually forget to do. Through your hair up into a mask while your soaking in the tub. Your hair will look and feel rested and replenished, just as you will once you have completed your pamper night

Cozy PJs

Once you have gotten out of the bath make sure you have a clean pair of cozy PJs ready to throw on! If you really want to go the extra mile, treat yourself to a new pair! the cozier the better! add some fluffy socks to really complete the look. Comfort is key here!

Face Mask

Time to treat your face! Try out a face mask to really revitalize the skin. Every now and then, daily cleansing and toning don’t do the trick. A more intensive skin treatment such as a mask can help to clear out any excess toxins that are still hanging around. A face mask instantly makes anyone feel pampered and taken care of. Try it out for your next pamper night! You won’t regret it.

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Comfort Food

Comfort food never fails to make you feel content with life. Go ahead order a pizza, eat a tub of ice cream, go crazy! If there was only one thing that you choose to include for your night in this would be it! reserve the guilt! it is not needed. Comfort food, cozy PJs and movies. Does anything else sound more appealing?

Clean Sheets

Before you end your perfect pamper night, ensure that you nice clean bedding ready to go! After all, everybody loves clean sheets! This will help you drift off into a blissful nights sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized! The perfect night!

I hope you have a few movies on you to watch list because this is the perfect night to jump right into them. Turn your phone on do not disturb and enjoy a night all to yourself. Is there anything else you would add to your perfect night in? Let us know in the comments!

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