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The Perfect Outfits For Your Next Job Interview

Finding the perfect job interview outfits can be stressful. Is it too much? Is it too casual? Am I supposed to wear heels? Recently I’ve been going to that process of interviewing, and I think I’m getting better at choosing what to wear. I’ve recollected different styles and outfits depending on the type of interview. 

Corporate / Business

When going to an interview in a corporate or business environment, you have to go all in. What I mean with “all in” is there’s no space for casual. No jeans, no t-shirts, no sneakers. In case of wanting to wear a t-shirt, you have to make sure you’re wearing dress pants or a skirt, and maybe a blazer. 

I’m convinced heels are never necessary, because there are people that just don’t feel comfortable in them, and that could lead to an accident. If that’s your case, there are different shoe options.

This looks so chic to add to your job interview outfits list. It only has three colors (white, black and beige) but it looks so professional and put together. To spice this up you can change the color of the blazer, or wear more bold shoes. 

If blazers aren’t your thing, think of wearing a long-sleeve blouse. They work just as well, and it gives more simplicity to your outfit. Combining your blouse to your shoes is a smart move because that way you can put more colors into your purse or accessories.

If you decide pants are not doing it for you, a simple pencil skirt and a chic blouse are the options for you. It’s impossible to go wrong with this combination. 


For the media, they look for more bold people. People to represent what they are and are able to do it well. It’s important to look professional, well presented, but creative at the same time. 

Going more casual its a great option, just not forgetting to look for professional-looking job interview outfits. 

I love this outfit because it’s really simple yet the shoes say a lot. They are patterned and they combine perfectly with the rest of the outfit. The statement piece in this one is, of course, the shoes, and in this case, keeping the clothing simple completes the whole look.

I love this outfit because of the pattern. It’s so fun but chic and professional at the same time. It looks so good that you don’t need to wear heels. Combine this outfit with a pair of loafers and you’re ready for your next interview!

If a skirt it’s your choice, you can look for a patterned one. The combination of the skirt and long sleeve shirt looks really chic. You can make this outfit pop wearing a colored shirt or shoes.

This outfit also works well for warm weather when wearing pants a long sleeve may sound too suffocating.


Teachers are always looking for comfortable outfits to work. When thinking of job interview outfits, it’s not much different. Look for clothing that says something, has personality, but that you could move around with no problem.

You need to also look friendly and professional, and you can’t go wrong by just going simple.

This is the ultimate comfortable and professional outfit. The pants look so fashionable and comfortable, and if you’re not on the mood for heels, pair them with some loafers and you’re the perfect teacher candidate.

You can never go wrong with basics. A black pant with a long sleeve turtleneck and black stilettos match so well. They where meant to be. 

As well as the previous outfit, you can skip the heels since they’re not really necessary. 


For creative roles, it’s important to have a staple piece that stands out. Going bold is going to get you places. If it’s either the blazer, the shoes, or the pants, having something that screams creativity it’s the way to go.

Find outfits that make you feel confident when walking outside, and that describes who you are. Don’t be afraid of expressing yourself with colors, patterns, and different styles.

That patterned blazer is everything! It looks so well that pairing it with jeans makes actually the best combination. I love the shoes because they look really chic yet comfortable.

See Also

This green skirt screams creative! It’s so chich that there is no problem you combine it with a T-shirt. 

Retail / Sales

For a retail job interview outfit, it’s important to think about the store or place you’re applying for. That being said, most stores don’t require you to wear heels, so there’s no need to wear heels to the interview. 

Go casual and comfortable, but find ways to make it fashion. If you’re applying for a clothing store, make your research and look for ways you can incorporate their style on your outfit. 

I want this outfit, even though I have no upcoming interview! It looks so comfy. I love the shoes and the cardigan gives a cozy but fashion vibe. 

If you want to go bold, find a cardigan with a pattern or different colors and have fun with it!

A leather skirt gives you so many options! Combine it with a long sleeve shirt or a T-shirt with a jacket. 


If applying for a waitress position, you have one of the easiest job interview outfits. I went to plenty of these, and I just went with comfortable but presentable. Nothing too fancy, but that looks good. Make sure everything is clean and neat. Of course, don’t wear heels. I always went with loafers or ballerina flats.

This outfit looks put together, professional and presentable. What more do you need? Don’t overthink it. You know what looks good. Now go put it on!

I like this one for simplicity. Minimalist job interview outfits at its best. If you find it too dull, play with the colors of the shirt, or put a cardigan over with a bold color. 

I hope you found the perfect outfit for your next job interview. Let me know in the comments which one you loved the most, and if you have any more recommendations.

Featured image source:
Gina Hernandez Principe

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