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The Perfect Gift To Give Your Partner, Based On Their Love Language

The Perfect Gift To Give Your Partner, Based On Their Love Language

We all know that gift-giving is something important in a well-established relationship. Meaningful gifts show how much you love and appreciate your partner and can help make your relationship healthier and stronger. Unfortunately, there are times when never know what to get for our partners, or we end up giving them something that they don’t particularly enjoy.

In Dr. Gary Chapman’s #1 bestseller The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts, he theorizes five ways people prefer to receive love and affection. These are known as love languages. The five love languages that he talks about are words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, quality time, and acts of service. Are you not sure what the perfect gift for your significant other should be? Below is a list of great gift ideas that your partner will definitely enjoy based on their love language.

Words of Affirmation

If your partner’s primary love language is words of affirmation, that means they enjoy hearing you say how much you appreciate and love them. Your partner enjoys listening to you verbally encourage and support them. They love it when you recognize and appreciate something that they do. Thoughtful, genuine compliments make them feel special.

An excellent gift idea for your partner whose love language is words of affirmation would be a thoughtful letter. This letter should be meaningful and express how much they mean to you. It can be as long or short as you wish as long as it shows your gratification towards your partner. Now is your moment to let your partner know how important they are to you, how special they are, and how much you love them. Your encouraging words will mean more to your significant other than any expensive gift in the world.

The Perfect Gift To Give Your Partner, Based On Their Love Language

Physical Touch

Your partner enjoys hugs, kisses, and snuggles if their primary love language is physical touch. These non-verbal things are more meaningful to them than words, so it’s important to use your body language or touch to emphasize your love for them. It doesn’t always have to be sexual, too. If your partner’s primary love language is physical touch, they simply enjoy human contact! Any kind of intimacy, whether it’s a pat on the back or you sitting close to them, should be a priority.

A great gift for your partner whose primary love language is physical touch could be a romantic massage or a nice foot rub after a long or stressful day. They’ll enjoy the feeling of a massage, but they’ll enjoy it even more because it’s coming from you! Afterward, you two could spend some quality time cuddling together. Nothing will make your partner happier than being close to the one they love.

The Perfect Gift To Give Your Partner, Based On Their Love Language

Receiving Gifts

If your partner’s primary love language is receiving gifts, then you may think that any gift will satisfy them. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! It’s not just the gift that matters, but the thought behind it will make your partner appreciate it more. Gifts don’t always have to be materialistic. Sometimes, the gift of your time or even remembering special occasions can make your partner feel special. Your thoughtfulness and you making your partner a priority are what make them feel loved.

With that being said, as long as you get something that you know your partner will enjoy, and there is a lot of thought put behind it, you will make your partner feel very special. There are so many ways you can do this, too. Think about their favorite color, character, or activity. If you get your significant other a blue trinket, a stuffed animal of their favorite Disney character, or take them somewhere they’ve always wanted to go, they will know that you were thinking about them. No matter how big or small the gift is, your partner will appreciate it as long as the thought was there.

The Perfect Gift To Give Your Partner, Based On Their Love Language

Quality Time

Uninterrupted one on one time is extremely important for your partner if their primary love language is quality time. If you make time to be with your partner and focus on them, they will feel appreciated and loved. What you choose to do during your quality time is up to you and your partner. As long as you are giving them your undivided attention, that’s all that matters to them.

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Those who value quality time will enjoy spending the day with you, so things like a special getaway together would be wonderful. You can decide to go on a weekend trip out of town, see a movie together, or even go on a walk together. You spending time with your significant other will show how much you care.

The Perfect Gift To Give Your Partner, Based On Their Love Language

Acts of Service

If your partner’s primary love language is acts of service, then they value any type of support that will help lighten their load. Some actions you can take to communicate their love language can be to help them with chores or making them their favorite dinner. Make sure to offer your help without them having to ask, and don’t ever forget to do even the bare minimum. Your partner will see that as a lack of appreciation.

If you want to give them a gift that they will genuinely appreciate, try surprising them by running an errand for them or taking care of an expense they need. You could also offer to help them in whatever area they need support in. Want to know what they would love even more? If you gave them about an hour to themselves to simply relax while you take care of some of the responsibilities that they usually do. Your significant other has their load eased, and you two could have some more time to spend with each other as a result. It’s a win/win situation!

The Perfect Gift To Give Your Partner, Based On Their Love Language

No matter the occasion, you always want to give your partner a gift that will make them feel loved and appreciated. Knowing your significant other’s primary love language can help you tremendously when it comes to finding them the perfect gift. Hopefully, this list gave you some wonderful ideas to choose from. What is your significant other’s primary love language, and how do you communicate their language to them? Share below!

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