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The Perfect Fall Themed Snacks To Indulge In While Studying For Midterms

The Perfect Fall Themed Snacks To Indulge In While Studying For Midterms

It is always a struggle to stay awake or focus while studying for any ordinary test, imagine how hard it is to stay awake for the bigger tests such as midterms. It takes a lot of focus and lots and lots of snacks to help with that. Who said indulging snacks while studying was a bad thing? As long as it is done in moderation, right? Here are a few fall themed snacks that you ca happily indulge in while studying for midterms that can really help with focus, reducing stress levels, and can improve your memory and concentration.

Pumpkin Pie – The sweet taste of magic!

No, it is actual magic! Pumpkin pie is like the face of fall snacks. It is number one on the list. It is the go-to snack that just one bite will not satisfy the craving. Besides the fact that it is very tasty, it is full of Vitamin A which not only helps boost up your immune system it also helps improve your eyesight. Studying for hours on end can really put a strain on your eyes whether it be from staring at the computer screen or writing and reading for long periods of time our eyesight can start to blur. That is where the magic comes in, take a break, rest those eyes and at the same time eat that pumpkin pie and then get back to studying for your midterms with a satisfied belly. I mean, it is definitely a win win situation if you ask me.

Roasted Peanuts – “Take me out to the fall game… of midterms”

Another perfect fall snack to happily indulge in is roasted peanuts. Peanuts are one thing you can have at all hours of the day and it still be capable of satisfying your hunger, until you eat an actual meal that is. But when it comes to studying who really has time to make a full course meal. The quicker the snack is to prepare the more frequently it will be chosen. What is totally beneficial is that peanuts have been shown to strengthen cognition and help strengthen the memory making it easier to remember everything you have been studying.

Trail Mix – The sweet mixture of goods!

Studying for midterms already puts a strain on your brain and train of thought to the point where picking a simple thing like what to eat takes way too much energy from you. Indulging is not fun unless it is with something you really enjoy or is tasty. Trail mix seems like the perfect quick pick. A sweet mixture of goods in a bowl. It does not get any better than that.

Dark Chocolate – Now that’s an easy A!

Everyone loves chocolate, whether it be milk chocolate, or dark chocolate, or even white chocolate. Chocolate is the one thing that can easily put a smile on anyone’s face at any given time. It is somewhat equivalent to whatever is believed of heaven on earth, something magical. But when it comes to studying and wanting to relax and stay focused while treating those taste buds, dark chocolate s the smart choice. It is known to reduce stress and improve memory and brain levels of frequency to help focus better. It really is the smart fall snack to indulge in while studying for midterms. A happy belly calls for an easy A!

The Perfect Fall Themed Snacks To Indulge In While Studying For Midterms

Pumpkin Spice Hot Cocoa – Too basic? Or not?

Everyone knows that anything pumpkin spice flavored is amazing and is always a hit, especially during the fall. Just picture a long day and night of studying for your midterms and you need a little pick me up that is quick and tasty and very comforting. You have got the pumpkin which spruces up that eyesight and tastes amazing. You have got the spice, that spices things up while enhancing those taste buds and starting a dance party in your mouth. Then there’s the hot cocoa part, the comfort, the warmth needed to remain content and comfortable on a cold afternoon or evening. The plus side is the cocoa also helps you focus. There is nothing too basic about that. If it works when needed the most and it tastes like perfection, then indulge away!

Fruit Salad – Just pick the ones with the fall colors, right?

Bananas, oranges, strawberries are all fall colors, right? They are also a great choice of snack to indulge in while studying for midterms. Not only are they healthy and tasty, but they are a great source of all the antioxidants and sugars needed to help burn fat into energy so to help fight of tiredness.

The Perfect Fall Themed Snacks To Indulge In While Studying For Midterms

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Green Tea – It is honey time

Green tea is like coffee without the crash, but unlike coffee it is very healthy for you. It is known to help improve memory function, performance, and help with staying focused. Studying is a tough act and when you add all the barriers that try and keep you down it is hard to get back on track let alone remain on track. Green tea has been found to decrease anxiety and help you relax. Add some honey and you have got the perfect fall snack. Sweet and warm. The sugars in the honey to keep you alert and awake and the healthy aspect of the green tea that can help you study your butt off and feel at ease while doing it. So, get those flashcards out and start studying, it is going to be a long night. But at least you got your honey!

The Perfect Fall Themed Snacks To Indulge In While Studying For Midterms

No one likes to study. Studying is such a dreadful act that drains every bit of energy inside of us. There is researching, reading, writing, etc. All the many things that can really put a strain on your eyes and brain and can be very stressful. Focusing is hard to do if you are not comfortable, fed, and warm or cool depending on the temperature of your choice of course. These snacks help fill you up and help you focus all at the same time.

These are the perfect fall snacks to indulge in while studying for midterms. Well what are you waiting for enter the world of magic and get to studying!

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