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The Perfect Career for You, Based on Your Life Path Number

The Perfect Career for You, Based on Your Life Path Number

Curious about what career suits you best? Whether you’ve tried some or starting to seek your first, career choices can be quite the problem. After all, the path you choose will define the irreplaceable moments that you have, not to mention the energy you put into it. 

And while you may depend on psychological tests to know which career best suits you, it won’t hurt to get a consultation from the universe. With the interconnectivity of life through the collective unconscious, it is wise to seek answers from this treasure trove of infinite wisdom. 

Given such, checking out your life path number is definitely out of the question. Determined by name and by birth, your number contains information that is embedded in you. Unravel this, and you will see why things suddenly start to make sense, as universal knowledge unfolds!


Life Path #1: 

1s are known for their creative powers. You can think of them as geniuses when it comes to inventing and re-imagining things. They are nothing short of being great innovators, not to mention their great leadership skills! And to add the cherry on top, they also love contributing to the world, so you can expect their creations to be the next big thing!

If you bear the life path #1, you can pursue almost any career you want. However, note that you won’t excel in stationary and repetitive tasks. You’ll find it boring and unfulfilling as you go along. Thus, you can try anywhere from expressing your skills through art, construction, sciences, and even politics. Just don’t go for a desk job and torture yourself on a daily basis. 

Life Path #1


Life Path #2: 

2s are all about love and care. They envision to create a community that’s built on trust and cooperation. Because they are the most selfless life path number, you can expect them to nurture others by offering their time, talents, and treasures. Akin to being the caregiver Jungian archetype, they are modern-day good samaritans who’ll go out of their way to help others. 

If you bear the life path #2, going for healthcare and social work is definitely a safe bet. Pursuing a doctor of medicine is a long and arduous path, but you’ll find a strong ‘why’ since you’re eager to help others. If you can’t stand the smell of blood, then perhaps working with NGOs can be a great option for you. Heck, even teaching is one of the best ways for you to make an impact to the world! 

Life Path #2


Life Path #3: 

3s seek to relate with others. They are emotionally sensitive, but in a good way as building relationships is a piece of cake. Naturally born with great communication skills, 3s know the right words to say, and when to crack a joke here and there. Thus, their forte rests with communication, arts, and entertainment. 

Life path number 3 careers are quite specific. With your talents, marketing and influencing is definitely your strong suit. Thinking of becoming a social media influencer? Don’t shy away from that. You have the perfect skill set to carry your own voice to the world. Inadvertently, people will listen to you and follow your lead. Thinking of taking it a step further? Go for acting school and who knows, you might be the next Denzel Washington or Jennifer Lawrence! 

Life Path #3


Life Path #4: 

Known for their strong organizational skills, 4s embody a strong sense of discipline, responsibility, and hard work. This means that they can pursue any career that they want, as long as they can find what they’re passionate about. After all, that’s the only real challenge for them, since they already possess the right set of attitudes to achieve almost any goal. 

If you bear the life path #4, you can fit with almost any career. From endless nights of doing accounting to simple desk jobs, anything fits you like a glove. But here’s what we’re calling for you to do: think bigger and rise up to the challenge. 4s tend to be fixated in the ‘now’ that they lack the ability to think outside the box. Break this, and you’ll break a leg! 

Life Path #4


Life Path #5: 

Life path number 5 careers are often those that require adventure and boldness. By nature, they are thrill-seekers, gearing up for the next trip abroad. This may not sound like a career at all, but in this day and age, a lot of people are thriving off of digital content. And who’s the best candidate for that? Of course, those who are seeking to unravel the mysteries of the world!  

Given such, the most obvious choice of career for you is becoming a travel blogger. Such may not be for everyone, but with enough effort, you’re guaranteed to make it big. But should you find that a bit too risky, try looking into aviation. Being the captain of the plane or even a cabin crew will take you to places. If not, hospitality is also your strong suit, so check out tourism. Who knows, you might be the CEO of the next big hotel chain.

Life Path #5


Life Path #6: 

As a 6, you share the same sensibilities with 2s. You seek meaning and purpose, and you find it in caring for others. But the added twist is your ability to see the ‘bigger picture’ for whatever it means. Thus, you won’t settle just being a good samaritan. Instead, you’ll take off from that experience and do something big. 

Yes, you are the selfless big thinker. Any career suits you best since you can go beyond what’s there. From counseling to politics, your sphere of influence only grows tantamount to your desire. Just make sure to be consistent, since this is often the challenge to your life path number. 

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Life Path #6

Life Path #7: 

Life path number 7 careers are anchored on books and learning. Your strong intellectual skills fit the field of education, as you find it easy to analyze almost anything. This often stems from your desire for self-knowledge, just as how Socrates sought in all of Greece if he, indeed, is the wisest. 

This isn’t to say, though, that you should limit yourself to teaching and researching. With your strong analytical skills, you can go almost anywhere. Thinking of being a scientist? Why not! Gunning for food research? Yes, you can get that dream job! Aiming for an all-around application? Try being a project manager and lead your team to success. 


Life Path #7

Life Path #8: 

8s are, by default, the most competitive among life path numbers. They are strong-willed, dedicated, and resilient even to a fault. Their decision-making skills are top-notch and can execute projects ruthlessly. Add to that, they have the power to rally people behind their cause with their strong charismatic skills.   

Thinking of doing that start-up? Not everyone is fit for it, but if someone is, it would be you. If not, try seeking your passions, and you’ll find the answer to which career suits you best. Going traditional? Don’t sell yourself short and aim for relatively more difficult paths of law and medicine. You can even become a politician afterwards, should you want to seek power and position. 


Life Path #8

Life Path #9: 

9s are definitely unique since they are the pinnacle of life path numbers. Similar to Astrology’s Pisces, 9 embodies spirituality and humanism. They have a deeper understanding of human existence and a perspective of life that’s more than what meets the eye. Such understanding removes all facades and masks, as 9s see things for what they truly are.Life Path #9

With that, going for a career in spirituality is definitely a great choice. If you wanna unravel the mysteries of energies around us, go ahead! However, should you choose a more grounded choice, you can opt for humanitarian causes, and rally behind them. Arts and music is also within the picture since you have the ability to express what’s hidden beneath the colors that we see and notes that we hear.


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