Ombré Ombré Ombré

Started by Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts  in 2010, the Ombre look has been hot all summer – from hair to jeans, nails and curtains… Ombre is everywhere. As we put away our bathing suits and took out our Fall boots, some were claiming that the trend was over. But we don’t believe it

Ombré is a French word meaning “to shade” and is often used to describe a dip-dye effect given to fabric in which the shades of color graduate from light to dark. Ok now that we all have a little background on the subject. Ombré is the newest, hottest look to hit the market. Ranging from hair to nails to clothes to home decor, ombré is everywhere you look. Some people feel they can’t pull off the extreme dark-to-light hair look, if you fall in  that category, no problem! A simple ombré pant or nail is a perfect way to add the trend in non-permanent, adorable way.  Check out some cute ways of incorporating ombré into your everyday life.

First up: Hair



This look works best for light and darker brunettes (sorry all you blonde bombshells out there) sometimes for you blondies,  ombré can just look like you have bad roots, so  user beware! If you are getting it done, make sure you go to a trusted hair dresser so you don’t end up looking like a hot mess.  If you are adventurous and trying to save some money, check out this great Ombre DIY guide . When done right, it will look super hot and trendy!

Second at Bat: Nails


There are a few ways to pull off the Ombré nail look. Here to our left each nail can individually  go from light to dark or on the right you can have each nail be a different shade of the same color.  What you chose, is up to you, but the world is your oyster, so you really have no limits on colors and styles here. This is a great way to add the ombré look in a more subtle way, but still get the high fashion look you were going for.




Why not add an inexpensive pair of ombré tights to your collection? Super cute and makes your legs look uber long.




or perhaps a pair of cute skinny jeans?

One other last option would be home decor


Pick a color you love and that blends well with the decor in any room that you have and run with it. The best thing about ombré is that it can match several different tones or hues of the same color, so you don’t have to match it perfectly and it can still look amazing.

Here achieve the look by painting the drawers of a dresser different shades. Hint: you can get paint samples from the hardware store that would be enough for each drawer!

Or another option would be to add some type of ombré material into the room, either blanket, pillow, drape or curtain to add that punch of color and flair to any boring dorm room or apartment that you can’t paint.

See Also

Making something ombré is actually not that hard.  Check this link out to see how you can do it yourself!


However you choose to do it, whether subtle, or out there for the world to see, ombré is a hit.  Done in the right way, it can add style and class to any ordinary everyday look. With not much effort you can go from boring to fabulous in minutes.