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The Number One Hack To Help You Achieve Success

The Number One Hack To Help You Achieve Success

There is one thing I believe beneficial for helping you achieve success. Here is my one tip for helping you reach your goals. The Ultimate Hack For Achieving Success Start Small Sometimes all it takes is to not get overwhelmed by the end goal.

There is one thing I believe beneficial for helping you achieve success. Here is my one tip for helping you reach your goals.

The Ultimate Hack For Achieving Success

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Start Small

Sometimes all it takes is to not get overwhelmed by the end goal. I think one of the most important things to practice when starting a new project or even trying to continue something that you may have started to fizzle on is to focus on accomplishing very small manageable goals. And when I say small, I mean tiny. It is so easy to get overwhelmed by the massiveness of trying to achieve your goals or take on a project, but if you focus on one tiny achievable thing per day or per week or whatever, it will start to happen and come together.


I read something once when I was younger that said you cannot complain about your life if you aren’t doing anything to change it. If you really want something: to get healthier, a new career, a college degree, etc., what can you do on a daily basis that will move you towards that goal? This is a great example of taking on a project that you can suddenly feel overwhelmed by. But it is important to remember that you are not supposed to be able to accomplish it by tomorrow.

What can you do today that will take you one tiny step closer to it?

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Google it, make a phone call, ask a question, or even just write it down. Today, pick one tiny achievable step that you know will bring you closer to what you are trying to accomplish. Pick a micro goal that might only take one minute. Some days you will only have one minute to dedicate to it, but you will know you did one thing that got you closer to what you want. That is the important thing. Tiny achievable accomplishments build up over time. But more importantly, they are the tiny sparks that turn into the raging fire.


You will find that even if you only do tiny things to get you closer to what you want on a daily basis, your passion and drive becomes stronger with each tiny success. And that is when you will start to feel the desire to choose bigger goals maybe even scarier goals to take on daily. Because your successes make you stronger, and the things that seemed too big, or too scary, or too far out of reach won’t seem that way anymore because you have now grown bigger than them. There, of course, will always be days when you feel like you cannot deal with the big things. That’s ok as long as you still accomplish a tiny thing.

The Workout Analogy

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A great analogy for this is working out and/or exercising. Maybe you want to buff out your arms. Well I guess that means you should go sign up for a gym membership and go get buff. Right?


Well life doesn’t really work that way for most people. What if you don’t have the money, or time, or you live too far away, should you just say, “Oh well. Never mind it is too insurmountable to even bother,” or more likely “Oh well, I guess I’ll just do it later when I have more money, or time, or I move closer to the gym.”

Well you could do that. It’s definitely one of your options. But maybe you could also say “I can’t achieve this today, but what can I achieve? Well I should go out to the store and get some weights…oh but wait I’m broke until next week. I guess I’ll just wait.”

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Do you see how easy it is to make excuses and not even take a tiny step?

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But what if you instead asked yourself “Hmm I wonder what I have in my life right now that is heavy like a weight like a water bottle or a milk jug. That could work too.”


So just go lift that water bottle over your head 10 times. Wait is that too much, okay, then just make it 5 times. See it doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. Boom you just made a tiny step forward for today and you can check that off your list knowing you made some progress no matter how small. Maybe tomorrow you can add just one more lift or maybe not, but you should still do something. This really will help you achieve success.

Also, just starting a goal can actually help you realize if it even is what you want in the first place. So many people think they want something only to start it and realize that they really don’t! Just look at how many students change their majors in college. That is why it is just as important to actually start your goals as it is to make them in the first place. You cannot be a failure at something that wasn’t even right for you. Changing your mind isn’t failing. But never starting and never trying, kind of is though.

Tiny steps are how we start off in life, right? Just keep going in order to achieve success.

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