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The Nightstand Necessities Every Girl Should Have

The Nightstand Necessities Every Girl Should Have

The Nightstand Necessities Every Girl Should Have

We all know what it is like to be lying there in bed all comfy and warm and not wanting to get up to grab that one item you left in the other room. If you haven’t been utilizing your nightstand, then you are making your life a little harder than it has to be. Here are some nightstand necessities every girl should have!

A Water Bottle

We all know water is necessary for keeping our bodies in tip-top shape, but sometimes I feel like we can take that for granted. I know I sure can. Keeping a water bottle on my nightstand ensures that I wake up and start my day off right by taking some long sips of refreshing water. I find that keeping a water bottle by your bed is especially rewarding when you know you will be drinking the night of and will wake up feeling parched the morning after. Not only does it save you a trip to the kitchen, but it will also save you from that initial hangover headache we all get sometimes. Having some water before you try and face the world will help reduce those hangover symptoms and start your day on a good note!

The Nightstand Necessities Every Girl Should Have


I don’t know about you, but for me, I sneeze a lot. It doesn’t help that I am allergic to cats and also have one for a pet, but I digress. When I sneeze, I can be sure that it won’t those petite, dainty sneezes I wish I had. My sneezes are loud, obnoxious, and messy. If I didn’t have a tissue box next to as I’m getting ready for bed, I can guarantee that my bed would not be as clean and tidy as it is. Even if you don’t sneeze often, if you happen to be drifting off into sleep or are snuggled into bed with a good book and some tea and you suddenly feel the urge to sneeze, rushing off to go find a tissue before you let it loose is an unnecessary stress that can be avoided if you can place a tissue box on your nightstand next to you.

The Nightstand Necessities Every Girl Should Have

A Notebook

Having a notebook to either journal in or just make lists of what you need to accomplish that day or the next will really make all the difference for your mental state. Jotting down little ideas or how my day went helped me have an outlet to organize my thoughts and see how I’m progressing in my goals. This is one of the few nightstand necessities that will not only encourage you to be and do better, but also just lighten your mood and give you something to look forward after a long hard day of work or school.

The Nightstand Necessities Every Girl Should Have


Either it is in gummy or pill form, I’d highly suggest keeping a bottle of some form of melatonin product at your bedside for those nights you truly just cannot fall asleep in a timely manner. Melatonin does wonders when it comes to relaxing your body in a natural and healthy way. I wouldn’t suggest using it every night, considering you will build up an immunity, but using them every once and a while will come in handy.

Having them in your nightstand instead of in the kitchen or bathroom will make your life immensely easier, and you won’t have to waste more time venturing out of your bedroom when you’re already looking to get to bed as soon as possible. If you happen to prefer the pill form of melatonin, make sure to also keep a filled water bottle by your nightstand before you try and head to sleep!


If you live in one of the colder states, or simply just have dry skin, then incorporating a little bottle of lotion into your nightstand necessities will make your life a little easier when it comes to nourishing your skin before bed, especially if you are also happen to take your showers at night. While cleansing your body with soap is great for keeping you clean, afterwards, you should always replenish your skin with the right amount of moisture before bed! Having this item at your nightstand will help you make less trips to the bathroom if you happen to feel your skin start to get a bit dry as you settle in for the night.

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The Nightstand Necessities Every Girl Should Have

A Book

While a lot of us just don’t have the time during the day to read, making time at night when your curled up in bed and relaxing is a great way to ease your mind and get you in the mood for sleeping. Reading even for ten to thirty minutes before bed is just a great way to wind down at the end of the day, as well as give you an excuse to put down your distracting phone and enjoy a good story. Also, if you happen to wake up a bunch during the night and can’t get back to sleep, picking up that book is a great way to relax your mind once again until you do fall back asleep.

Lip Balm

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve brushed my teeth, put on my pjs, and curled into bed realizing a second later how chapped my lips are. That unfortunate trek from my bed to the bathroom is never fun. If you also face this same struggle, do yourself a favor and just buy an extra chapstick to be in your nightstand. Trust me, you won’t regret making this item one of your nightstand necessities!

The Nightstand Necessities Every Girl Should Have

Nightstands truly are a girl’s best friend if they are filled with all the necessities you will need in order to have a nice time winding down before bed or when you need help getting ready to start your day after waking up. Incorporating even one of the items listed above into your nightstand won’t fail in making your life just a little bit easier! What did you think of these nightstand necessities? Let us know in the comments below!

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