The Nicest College Dorms From Instagram You Have To Copy

With the excitement of starting college comes the question of how to decorate your dorm room. The possibilities may seem endless, and you might not know where to start. But we’re here to help. We found some of the nicest college dorms from Instagram that you might want to copy. Take a look!


This cute college dorm room screams “boho-chic.” The black and white tapestry on the wall contrasts nicely with the white walls. The white bedding offers up a more chic vibe than your typical grungey boho decor, and is nicely juxtaposed with the trendy orange and black elephant pillow. The mint green bedside table gives the room a rustic and vintage feel, and is decorated nicely with a cacti, cute lamp, and large crystal rock. Twinkle lights add a cozy vibe to any dorm room, and they aren’t spared in this one. Altogether, this room is cute, cool, and a little quirky.

The Nicest College Dorms From Instagram You Have To Copy

Black & White Classic

This dorm room keeps it classic with a black and white theme. From the bedding, to the floors, to the walls; it’s all contrasted nicely with black and white. The black walls feature simple black and white art pieces, as well as a hanging black curtain and white lamps, which add some lightness to the room. A white bedspread with black design and pillows keeps the theme nicely, with black containers lying to the side of the bed for storage. The black and white theme is clean and cool, and definitely cozy to relax in after a long day of school.

The Nicest College Dorms From Instagram You Have To Copy

Effortlessly Cool

If you’re lucky enough to get paired with a room with a brick wall, your possibilities are endless. It automatically just makes your room a little bit more effortlessly cool. Adding some wall art like this dorm room will only take it up a notch. The black and red rolling stones poster pairs nicely with the neon skull, as well as the rocker hand and open mouth line drawings on a white background. Add some of your own pictures to personalize it, and some black and white bedding to set the moody tone, and you’re good to go.

The Nicest College Dorms From Instagram You Have To Copy

Pretty In Pink

If you lie on the girlier side of things, this one’s for you. This dorm room’s pink and gold theme screams cute, classy, and feminine. Gold pineapples decorate white walls, which are home to a few flirty, girly posters. All white furniture keeps the room looking clean and classic. A pink duvet and pillows pair nicely with the room’s color scheme, with a few pillows containing a hint of gold that matches nicely with the rest of the room. A furry white throw rug goes well with some of the pillows, and keeps the room looking cozy and comfortable.

The Nicest College Dorms From Instagram You Have To Copy

Sultry & Sexy

This dorm room is sultry, sexy, and sensual, all wrapped up into one. A predominantly black theme, with hints of red and white, give this room a definite mood. Black and white walls are highlighted with the ever-popular twinkle lights, and wall art and pillows with big, red lips add a touch of sultry to the room. Pillows and wall art with sassy sayings tops off the entire vibe. If you’re looking to get a little playful with your dorm room decor, this room might appeal to you.

The Nicest College Dorms From Instagram You Have To Copy

If you’re going away to college and didn’t know where to start with dorm room decor, hopefully I’ve given you a few ideas. These are some of the nicest dorm rooms on Instagram, and may inspire your own room. Which one is your favorite? Comment below and share with a friend!

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