The New Looks Of Anna & Elsa in Frozen 2 ‘Teaser Trailer’

It seems like a gust of fresh wind – or should we say frozen wind? – hit Disney’s famous characters Anna and Elsa, protagonists of Frozen (2013) and the upcoming Frozen 2. From the Frozen 2 teaser trailer video, we can tell something’s different: it’s the outfits! Disney decided to revamp the sisters’ looks and we are loving it – they’re a little more hip and definitely in line with the latest trends.

The renovated, trendy Elsa now sports a pair of shimmering leggings underneath her dress, which seems to us a subtle hint to the oh-so-hot cycling shorts trend. Her sister Anna, instead, jumped on the rock ‘n’ roll train, and now flaunts a padded-shoulder long coat with over-the-knee leather boots – and of course, her hair is down and wild rather than tied up in a braid as it used to be.

Disney knows what’s up in fashion! Now we’re only impatiently waiting for Frozen 2 to come out – hopefully, the wait will be over soon!

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