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10 Feels The New Fenty Lingerie Is Giving Us

10 Feels The New Fenty Lingerie Is Giving Us

10 Feels The New Fenty Lingerie Is Giving Us

If you haven’t had a chance yet to check out the new Fenty Lingerie, you’re missing out! Rihanna is back and she’s done it again with her newest pieces, and this is how we feel about it:

Rihanna is a fashion goddess and I need one of everything please

RiRi has once again blessed us by launching a new product. Rihanna has been killing it in the fashion/beauty industries lately and she has done it again. This lingerie is to die for and you’d be kidding yourself if you think I’m not hopping on this bandwagon and buying it all…or well, pre-ordering it.


The biggest thing you’ll notice when scrolling through the Savage X Fenty website is the diversity of the models. This lingerie isn’t just for those with a slimmer figure or those with a large bust size. This line was made for everyone. The bra sizes range from a 32A to a 38D and the panties from XS-3X. Sizes in this large of a range isn’t something you see in every lingerie line. Lingerie isn’t really made for those with very small or very large chests. What’s even better is that the larger sized items are still SO CUTE! Often, when people design for larger bodies, style/fashion is left out, however this is definitely not the case with the Savage X Fenty line.


The shade range is EVERYTHING

THE MODELS AREN’T JUST WHITE GIRLS! Honestly, this was no surprise. Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty foundation range was pretty much the first one to go really deep in terms of skin tone, so of course the models of her lingerie line vary in skin tone. From very pale, to the deepest brown skin, not only the models, but the color of the pieces themselves match the woman wearing it. “Nude” isn’t just relatively fair white skin, “nude” is whatever skin tone you have! Rihanna-once again- delivered with her shade range.

Just about everything is sold out bc it’s that damn good

When you open the lingerie tab on the website, all but ONE thing is sold out. It’s been about a month since the launch of the line and really the only things left are the normal bras and panties. After the crazy success Fenty Beauty had, this isn’t shocking. Fenty Beauty is a new cult favorite in the beauty industry and Rihanna has always been a fashion icon, so this line was set for success from the get go. Obviously everything is sold out, they’re actually marketing to everyone.


Going along with the success though, is the want and almost need for these products to come back. Most of the lingerie is available for pre-order right now, BUT WHEN WILL I GET IT?? That’s the real question everyone is asking. As of right now, there is no set date for a restock, but after a month of being sold out, people are going to start getting antsy.


The best of both worlds

When you hear “lingerie” you automatically think bras and corsets and as little fabric as possible. However, this isn’t entirely true with the Savage X Fenty collection. There are, of course, some very sexy and scandalous pieces, where models are actually covering their breasts in the preview photos but not everything is like that. There are also very comfortable looking T-shirt bras and more full coverage panties. Lingerie can be whatever makes you feel sexy and I think it was very smart to advertise everything under that big umbrella word.

Rave Reviews once again

This launch was obviously another huge success for Rihanna, which is exactly what we all expected. Making a line with such a variety of sizes isn’t easy, but the truth is in the reviews (and the sales) and everyone loves it.

Not just paying for the Fenty name

Sometimes brands are expensive simply because you’re paying for the name on the packaging, not necessarily for the product or the high quality. That was exactly the case with a certain $300, cheap quality brush set that was released a few months back. This is not, however, what you’re paying for with this lingerie. According to the reviews all over social media, the quality is actually amazing. The pieces are soft and comfortable, even the underwire in some bras is barely noticeable. The prices won’t totally kill your bank account and knowing that the quality matches the price, is just another little plus.


Will there be more?

There are already talks of a size expansion in the next launch, but when that is happening has yet to be said. For now, it’s a waiting game. With pretty much everything sold out and pre-order being an option, it shouldn’t be too much longer before the next release.

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Thank you Rihanna for blessing us once again with our beauty and grace that we can now put on our own bodies. 

Are you going to get your hands on some new Fenty lingerie?! Let us know down below what you’re most excited for!