The New Fashion Brand You NEED To Know About

Here at Society19, we come across a lot of fashion brands. We are constantly scouring the fashion scene, looking for the latest and greatest brands to share with our readers so our obsessions can become your obsessions. When we stumble across a new fashion brand we love…well, you can imagine our excitement. And this is exactly what has happened with the brand NA-KD, a fashion-forward website offering a range of products that is broad, unique and incredibly in-tune with the latest trends.

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  This new fashion brand is awesome!

One of the most notable aspects about this new fashion brand is their ability to provide customers with more affordable options for some of the most popular outfits on celebrity and blogger Instagram accounts. Browse through the homepage to find these “inspo” outfits and the uncanny matches NA-KD offers, at a fraction of the cost!



To get a sneak peek into NA-KD’s undeniable emergence onto the online fashion scene, check out their newest campaign. NA-KD Fashion Week. This will be a week-long event where NA-KD will provide content about the best trends, inspiration, and styling tips for fall through video tutorials, Q&As with well-known fashion influencers, interviews with NA-KD stylists and designers, and more!

Furthermore, there will be daily exclusive offers and competitions. And as you probably already know, we love our secret discounts! See what’s going on over at NA-KD Fashion Week today and you’ll see what we’re talking about.



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