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The Netflix And Chill Alternatives For Fun & Relaxing Date Nights

The Netflix And Chill Alternatives For Fun & Relaxing Date Nights

While it can be nice to enjoy a night in watching Netflix and chilling with your date, there are other fun and relaxing Netflix and chill alternatives out there that you and your date would probably enjoy. Whether you and your significant other are in a Netflix and chill date night routine or you are wanting to relax with a newer date interest, Netflix and chill alternatives are a great way to mix things up while still keeping it casual. Here are some Netflix and chill alternatives that will keep your date nights fun and relaxing.

Dine Out

Going out for dinner doesn’t mean you have to get all fancy about it. Going to a casual diner or to a homestyle restaurant can be the perfect fun and relaxing date night activity. Grab a bite to eat and chat the night away with your date. If you are old enough, get some drinks too, if they serve them. It can be refreshing going out to eat without worrying about getting dressed up or carrying yourself in a certain way. So let those laugh snorts fly!

Dress casually to set a relaxed tone for your date. Make sure your date knows that this a very casual thing, too, so they do not get all gussied up and leave you looking underdressed. If you want to be closer to your date, sit beside them instead of across from them. If you are worried about crowds, pick a place that is usually not crazy busy or go at a less busy time. Request a booth in the corner if you want. Remember this date is an alternative to Netflix and chill, so keep that tone there to ensure your date is fun, relaxing, and carefree. 


Star Gaze

There is nothing like sitting with your date under the stars, picking out pictures in the sky and enjoying the serenity of the night world. Not only is it romantic, but it is fun and relaxing, too. And the best part is that you do not have to worry about if you date will like it or not because it’s basically just sitting outside and hanging out. You will be Netflix and chilling, but instead of Netflix, you have a sky full of stars to watch.

Whether you have a big yard, a porch, or a rooftop, you can totally star gaze and have a blast. If none of these options are available because your apartment building in the concrete jungle has strict rules about rooftop adventures, shop around for a spot beforehand so you can take your date to the perfect stargazing location. Take blankets, as nights can get chilly and car roofs or lawns can be questionable for sitting on without putting something down first. Even if you cannot see the stars from where you are, being outside at night and talking with your date is really all you need for a wonderful evening. Consider taking food or drinks along for that extra date night touch.


Play Traditional Games

Do not rule out old fashioned games as fun and relaxing Netflix and chill alternatives. Do you know how fun Twister is when you are playing it with your date? Do you know how much more fun Twister is when you drink? White wine and Twister are the perfect combos for a casual but fun date night. And I suggest white wine because it won’t stain your carpet when those Twister moves get out of hand.

Traditional games are a great way to have some fun and relax with your date, and how physical those games are is up to the two of you. If you would rather play Sorry or Apples to Apples or a riveting cutthroat game of Monopoly, go for it! A little competition is always fun, as long as you or your date are not overly competitive. If either of you is, a game of Jenga may be a better route to take. There are tons of traditional games out there, so pick the one you and your date would enjoy. Of course, if you do not want to get super hyper from those more involved games, Scrabble is always a good laugh, as interesting new words are usually created and attempts are made to prove they are really actual words.


Stroll Outside

Evening strolls through the park or downtown can be romantic and relaxing Netflix and chill alternatives full of conversation and laughs. The evening air, the setting sun, and the missing busy day bustle create a fun and relaxing atmosphere that you and your date will only add to. Watch as the street lights open their illuminating eyes or the dog owners walk their furry friends a final time before turning in, and discuss the wonder of these sights with your date. It will surely be a night to remember.

No matter where you live, you can take your date for a stroll outside. Where you stroll, though, is up to you and what you want from the experience. If you want adventure and a little fright, meander along a wooded path. If you want to observe societal life, take a walk downtown. How long you walk and how fast is totally your and your date’s call. More than anything, take the time to talk with each other about whatever crosses your mind. Sit on a bench for a little while or hang out by the water. The point is to be outside enjoying the evening with your date.


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Cook Together

Whether you or your date are cookers or not, cooking together is a great way to get to know each other and have fun. Plus, you are making something together that you both will get to enjoy for dinner or dessert or both! And do you know how fun it is to cook with your date? Tasting things together and determining if the flavors are right or making a mess and laughing and teasing each other about it are bonds and memories you both will appreciate.


Pick a recipe or two for you and your date to make, or select several recipes and let your date decide. It is up to you whether you have the ingredients already or if the two of you go get them together. Some people like working together, while others like working independently, so if you do not have a preference, let your date decide if you two work on the same things together or if you divvy up the cooking tasks. Have a backup plan for if the food turns out bad, and remember it is more about the experience than the results in this date.

Plan a Trip

There are so many special things that come from planning a trip with your date. You are planning a future date with them, you are traveling somewhere with them, and you are probably thrilling them with this entire ordeal. Just think of how excited you would be if your date surprised you with wanting to plan a trip with you? You’d be tickled pink. So tickle your date pink with this phenomenal Netflix and chill alternative!


To plan a trip with your date, you do not need much of anything. If you want to go for a Saturday to a city and explore, all you truly need is money for food and gas. If you want to plan a longer or more distant trip, discuss a monetary budget and a time budget with your date before going crazy with it. After these things are settled, you two can dream up the perfect trip together. Whether this trip is your next date or next month, you both will be traveling somewhere, and you both will be so excited about it. Have food, drinks, paper, and pens ready for this meaningful at-home date night.

What do you think of these fun and relaxing Netflix and chill alternatives? What are some of your personal Netflix and chill alternatives? Let me know in the comments below!

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