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The Negatives and Positives Social Media Can Have On Your Life

The Negatives and Positives Social Media Can Have On Your Life

The Negatives and Positives Social Media Can Have On Your Life

Social media has taken over if you haven’t noticed. Everything that everyone does, every day, every second, every moment, is on there. Pulling out a cellphone and capturing events is almost like second nature to most people now. Social media’s influence is something that is here to stay, and there are some good and bad things that have come with that.

We can just go ahead and start off with some of the cons, because who wants to end off on a negative note right? Let’s dive in, and warning; this might get a little deep.

Confusion of Self Worth

I see comments all the time on Instagram that say “This girl thinks she cute with only 56 followers” or, people’s cation will read things like “Post and delete if 1000 y’all don’t like it.” It scares me. It makes me wonder why people are so wrapped up in likes. You can spend so much time on social media, that you will start to put your value there and let people, strangers most of the time, determine how much you are worth. How attractive you are. How successful you are. How funny or smart you are. How stylish you are. When you have the mindset that you are not enough, you circulate negative thoughts in your mind. When you circulate negative thoughts, negative energies are manifested in your reality. Be sure to follow people only on the internet, kind of like a game, and when you’re not online, you’re in your world. Your reality.



Now this one really grinds my gears. As mentioned, everyone records everything and puts it on social media. It takes away the point of even being at some events. Think about it, people pay to go to certain place or see a certain event, and then in less than a few hours, the same thing is posted for free on the web. I mean…that’s wack. Some moments should be for people who paid to see it, maybe you could attract more people to come out of the house and off their phones. People have made everything so accessible, that nothing traditional is worth doing anymore.

Okay, okay now the pros, because of course there are some greats ones!


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Social media has completely changed the game for artists. To have a platform to post your work, interact with others in your industry, and do make money, it’s golden! There are so many artists who maybe don’t have the resources to get around the people they need to, to further their careers. Social media has allowed artists to be seen, who otherwise would have never been discovered. ¬†They are able to build cliental and fan bases that reach further than they might have ever could on their own.



Business through social media has been a game changer. People now get paid for their post depending on the number of followers and the type of fan base they attract. Instagram comedians, models, celebs, etc. are all getting a piece of the pie and baby, there is plenty to go around! Pages like the ShadeRoom, charge around $1300 for a 24-hour post on their page. Even Instagram itself sells ad space, that come up as sponsored ads on people timelines. Below is a chart ¬†People are making big money. Social media is a free marketing platform. You don’t have to spend a dime to create content, or to interact with your consumers. It’s a marketers heaven.

This isn’t a protest against social media, and this is also not telling you to participate in social media. However, if you are an avid user of social media, take some time off (if it doesn’t hurt your business of course), and see how you like it or don’t like it. Do whatever suits you. Just whatever you do, don’t lose yourself and don’t lose out on a business opportunity!

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