The Must Haves And Should Nots of Gymshark Clothing

For all those fitness lovers out there you may have come across Gymshark once or twice. They’re a UK based fitness clothing line that is fashionable and ‘instaworthy.’ But there are definitely some better Gymshark clothes that will be comfortable, fashionable, and not completely showing a camel toe. When you’re spending so much money on workout clothes you want to make sure that they’ll withstand whatever activity you’re enjoying at the moment. Check out which Gymshark clothes you should be spending your hard earned money on and which ones to leave on Instagram.

1. Camo Seamless Leggings

Even if you don’t love camo print, you may as well love these leggings! they’re so comfortable and will stay high waisted throughout your HIIT workout or run. They are cinched in the butt to create the appearance of a more toned booty which is, of course, a plus. Not to mention they’re probably one of the bestsellers of Gymshark as some of the fashionable leggings on the site. The leggings come in black, lavender and green so you can get your pick of these cute workout leggings.

The Must Haves And Should Nots of Gymshark Clothing

2. Flex High Waisted Leggings

I personally have this pair in black and it’s one of my favorites for leg day! It’s 100% squat proof and has breathable material that also helps to suck everything in. It comes in six other colors besides black and each one will be just as squat proof and breathable as the others. Like most of Gymshark’s leggings, these will hold everything in and stay up on your waist while doing cardio or weightlifting.

The Must Haves And Should Nots of Gymshark Clothing

3. Energy + Seamless Leggings

Another Gymshark favorite with seven fun colors to choose from. They have a nice eyelet and breathable detailing along the sides of the leggings making them cute and perfect for any workout. The waistband is one of the tightest and will be perfect if you’re someone who likes a bit of sucking in around the waist. You’ll be comfortable and cute while getting the most out of your workout!

The Must Haves And Should Nots of Gymshark Clothing

4. Geo Mesh Leggings

My favorite running leggings by far! This pair of leggings has cute side detailing that can be used to hold your phone or keys while you’re out running but the siding will also tone the look of your legs! It doesn’t have a waistband like many of the other leggings, but their material is comfortable, sweat proof and light. They come in black, purple and a wine red color, all cute and perfect for wear in the gym or out for a run!

The Must Haves And Should Nots of Gymshark Clothing

5. Vital Seamless Leggings

Okay, so you either love or hate these! They’re great for leg days but no matter how you wear them you WILL have a camel toe! I do have a pair that I wear every leg day and I just got over the one downside to the pair of leggings because they are really comfortable and stay attached to your hips when you’re moving around. Not to mention the material itself is really comfortable and tight. It comes down to what you’re looking for out of your leggings because the tight material might not be for everyone especially when there is a camel toe involved.

The Must Haves And Should Nots of Gymshark Clothing

Most all Gymshark leggings will make your butt look amazing! But some may come at a price of being a bit too tight and unbreathable along with a not so appreciated camel toe. When you go to workout you want to feel confident and comfortable in anything you wear. Some Gymshark clothes will do just that and others are quite literally a miss in all things comfortable and cute. Not all insta worthy workout clothes are perfect and even though Gymshark’s are everywhere they most definitely have some leggings of great value and others that you should just leave in the waste basket. Do you have a pair of Gymshark leggings you love? Let us know which leggings you’re attached to and which ones you’ve decided to pass on!

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