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The Most Underrated Things To Do When You’re Home On Winter Break

The Most Underrated Things To Do When You’re Home On Winter Break

The top 20 things to do during winter break to avoid boredom and be productive while enjoying the holidays.

Ready to erase the mundanity of your winter break? Don’t settle for a dull winter break of naps and snacking. Spice things up and feel productive. Here are the most underrated things to do when you’re home on winter break.

1. Study

I know it’s not what the cool kids do, but knowledge is empowering. Most of all, you want those winter days to feel productive. The last thing you’d want is to feel as though your life is on pause. That may feel blissful in the moment, but you’ll regret those long naps later. In addition, studying in advance for next semester is a way you can traverse the road to becoming a contributing member of society. Of course, you still don’t want to overburden yourself though. As with most things in life, studying should be in moderation. An hour a day is perfectly sufficient during your break.

Things To Do During Winter Break


2. Exercise

I’ve found that exercise is most often deferred during the holiday season. Again, don’t be trapped by the notion that recharging during your winter break means avoiding all work. Exercising improves cognition, prevents inflammation, and lowers all sorts of health risks. It should be an integral part of your day all throughout the year, not just the summer when you’re needing a hot beach bod.

3. Hang With Family

This is another addition to the list that the cool kids will religiously avoid. I understand that not everyone is close with or can even bear their family. But for whatever reason, Christmas can bring out the best in an otherwise hostile environment. The holiday season is a simple time in which you can exhume all those forgotten good times. You can even dote on your family members a bit. Hugs and kisses are much needed during the holidays. Don’t worry. I’m sure they won’t bite.


4. DIY

DIY projects are a fun way to kick off the holiday season. They get the whole family involved, and they’re incredibly rewarding. Mine haven’t been entirely successful in the past, but nevertheless, I was proud of all the hard work behind the finished product. Plus, there were plenty of laughs– some of which were at my expense– during the process. And that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Just make sure that the project is manageable but don’t be too consumed by the results.

5. Go Outside During The Winter Break

Most of us are house cats these days, especially during the frigid winter months. But bundle up and take a chance! You can go on a hike, walk the dog, or just enjoy the fresh air. If it’s snowing, don’t be afraid to play in the snow. Make some snowmen and have a snowball fight.


6. Take A Warm Bath

Baths are becoming less popular, especially among macho men. Nevertheless, nothing can beat lying limp in a warm bath. Get some soap bombs and turn on the jets. It won’t make you any less of a red blooded American male. And don’t worry about the extra cost. This is your day to spoil yourself and escape the cold weather inside. Make sure your phone is on silent and put the kids to bed. This may be a long one.

7. Whip Up Something Special

If you have kids or little siblings, this is a perfect option. Gather the whole family and cook something special. Create your own or print out a list of ingredients for the kids to follow along with you. The children can be assigned the mixing while you deal with the measurements. Let them in on what you’re doing while still executing the dish to perfection. Some of the best meals I’ve had have involved the entire family.

Things To Do During Winter Break


8. Do Some Online Shopping

Malls are becoming less popular year round, but they’re still packed during the holiday season. If you’re wanting to avoid driving in icy weather, just do some online shopping. You’ll be able to get your shopping done quicker and have more time to work on other tasks. Just always track the shipping of your purchases so that your loved ones don’t see their gifts on the door step. Online shopping is easy, and you’ll likely get them just what they wanted.

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9. Clean Or Redecorate

Remember all that cleaning you procrastinated during fall? Well, there’s no excuse now during the winter break. Spend an hour or two cleaning everyday, and your house will be squeaky clean by the end of the break. You can even do some redecorating to elevate the aesthetic appeal even more. Add some color, create a more modern look, or switch to minimalism. The options are endless.


10. Play Some Indoor Sports

If you’re a member of your local country club or the YMCA, playing some indoor sports is great for passing the time during your winter break. You can opt for tennis, swimming, racket ball. Or just try your hand at all of them. Winning at something you’ve just been introduced to is a great feeling I imagine, but don’t expect to be the next Roger Federer on the tennis court. You’ll likely be disappointed.

11. Write

Writing is powerfully cathartic, and it can fill the gaps in your winter break. Try writing your thoughts down on paper. Sometimes if we articulate our thoughts in writing, they can become more developed as well as more potent. The most rewarding part of writing is when we surprise ourselves, when ideas spring forth in our minds as if by some otherworldly force. Try writing in a stream of consciousness style. See where your thoughts lead you.


12. Make A Fire

Making a fire can be a long and laborious process, but you’ll be able to cuddle up next to the finished product with your significant other. Just be careful and know what you’re doing. If you don’t know already, fire can burn you.

Things To Do During Winter Break

Are you content with this list? Would you rather sleep in or feel productive during the holiday season? What are some of your favorite things to do during your winter breaks? As always, comment down below.

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