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The Most Underrated Places In San Diego To Spend New Years Eve

The Most Underrated Places In San Diego To Spend New Years Eve

San Diego’s a popular city, so finding a place to celebrate New Year’s Eve without the overcrowded 

1. La Jolla Cove

The beach is always a great location for a New Year’s gathering. Among San Diego’s most gorgeous shorelines is La Jolla Cove. Leisure knows no bounds at the La Jolla Cove what with its sandy beaches, cool 

Some prefer not to visit the beach in the winter, however. Who wants to spend a cold New Year’s Eve night on a beachfront where nothing but cool ocean air hits you? Well, lots of people, fortunately. The beach has a gorgeous view of fireworks and the number of shops and breweries in the nearby area makes it an underrated spot.


2. Downtown San Diego Fireworks

Downtown San Diego isn’t exactly “underrated” but when you’re not paying to enter anywhere particular, it technically is. Just watching the fireworks from the streets of Downtown is all you really need to make New Year’s Eve a magical night in San Diego.

There are many spots in Downtown where you can just watch the fireworks set off at midnight that includes the Convention Center, Little Italy, and the USS Midway Museum.


3. Breweries

We’re not going to specify just one brewery to celebrate New Year’s Eve for this spot. Breweries, in general, are always a fun and interesting place to see the new year through. Drinking is part of the New Year’s Eve tradition at this point and San Diego is a large enough city to host a wide array of breweries. 

Entering a brewery with friends or family will be cause for much fun and merrymaking this time of year, especially with fireworks and event fiascos happening right outside the busy San Diego streets!

4. Balboa Museums

Okay, Balboa Park itself is not underrated, but ask yourselves this: How many people really decide to spend their New Year’s Eve at a museum? Not much that’s for sure. So, take the opportunity and visit the Balboa museums that are open before closing time on New Year’s Eve!


These San Diego museums host wonderful events and showcases specifically open for the end of the year celebration. The San Diego Model Railroad Museum in particular hosts an ensemble of seasonal events that are open to all!

5. Seaport Village

Seaport Village is a wonderful and charming seashore locale stocked with markets and eateries. Seaport Village is already fun on a regular day, so just imagine how it’d look with all the hubbub of New Year’s Eve. 

Seaport Village around this time of year will have live performances, dance features, and artistic displays all to ring in the new year! It also boasts an expansive grassy field that’s perfect for folks who want to catch the fireworks display above.


Seaport Village is already one of San Diego’s finest locations all year round, so start the next year right with this amazing spot!

6. Legoland

For the family-oriented in mind, take your kids to Legoland for the theme park’s own version of New Year’s Eve celebration called Cele-brick-tion in San Diego, California! This celebration is exactly as you’d expect from Legoland, as kids can visit the exclusive Lego exhibits that pop up for the New Year’s tradition. 

They even mimic the Times Square Ball by dropping instead a giant brick made out of Legos! Who says Legos are still for kids?


7. Big Bay Balloon Parade

The Big Bay Balloon Parade is one of San Diego’s finest celebratory events that come out for New Year’s Eve. The parade itself features performers and vehicles attached with a vast array of balloon shapes. They have car floats that drive by for onlookers to gawk at. There are even marching band performances by talented musicians collected all across San Diego county.

Best of all? It’s totally free! Mostly. Watching from the sidewalk curb is free. Grandstand seating requires payment.

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8. SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration

SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration is really meant for its titular holiday, but the event carries all the way through to the next year! Spending time at the aquarium, enjoying some of the theme parks wildest attractions and getting to see underwater acrobatics below the explosive fireworks in the sky would be a sight to behold!

9. Staying At Home

Okay, okay, this one is admittedly cheating a little bit. But staying home on New Year’s is underrated. Seriously, where else can you celebrate the new year your own way? You can start the year right with whatever personal tradition or enjoyment you can give yourself.


Plus, staying home means you’re able to comfort your pets that freak out over the New Year’s fireworks.

10. Gaslamp Quarter Night Clubs

Night clubs, in general, aren’t overrated, but doing them on New Year’s Eve? Well, they’re less than conventional, we’ll tell you that. San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter district holds some of the city’s finest and well-liked clubs scenes in the county. They each host their own unique and amazing spin on how to celebrate New Year’s Eve the San Diego way!

11. Little Italy

Downtown San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood is a pleasant area to see the fireworks and spend New Year’s Eve. Take a stroll through its busy streets and stop by its local markets, eat at its fine restaurants, and bring your family and pets to its parks! There are local hands-on activities and live performances that dot the neighborhood if you know where to find them!


12. Holiday Food Truck Festival

For an entire week, Balboa Park hosts a very special event within its parking lots: The Holiday Food Truck Festival! Lasting from Christmas day all through New Year’s Eve, food trucks come driving in with delicious food from around the nation. They have a variety of fried, sizzling items and holiday treats that can make anyone’s holiday!

Where do you ring in the New Year in San Diego? Try these underrated spots out without telling anyone! Comment below to share your best New Years’ stories.

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